Wooden window repair

Renovating an old wooden window

Over time, a wooden window tends to deteriorate and present defects that are important for the well-being of a home. If slight wear and tear involves simple repairs, heavier damage may require a full replacement. Alone or with a professional, the prices are varied and depend on your types of wooden windows. Let’s see when to renovate the existing one, at what price and by what means?

Does my wooden window need to be renovated?

The renovation should not be carried out at a glance. Several points must be studied beforehand to justify this labor.

First of all, check the condition of the frame, that is, the frame supporting your window. All you have to do is bring a sharp utensil, such as a knife or a screwdriver, and stick it in the wood. If said tip sinks easily into the frame, it is because it is time to change it.

The type of glazing is also important. In the event that your windows are single-glazed, it would be appropriate to switch to double or even triple glazing. Better security and energy savings are the key.

It is also the improvement of thermal insulation that will guide the need or not for renovation. An abnormal feeling of cold or heat in the housing at the level of the windows is a decisive clue.

If you notice abundant condensation while your room is enjoying good ventilation, this may also be a sign of a problem.

Wooden window renovation: how much does it cost?

Renovating a wooden window involves work whose cost depends on their nature.

As a general rule, it takes between $ 50 and $ 150 for a refurbishment carried out yourself and this per window. This price corresponds to the purchase of varnish, wood pulp, paint, sander or brushes.

If you prefer to entrust this renovation to a carpentry professional, estimate between $ 60 and $ 100 per square meter.

The price includes several actions: wood preparation, sanding, painting, renovation of the cuffs and putty, varnishing, etc. If the glazing is broken or damaged, $ 50 to $ 80 per square meter are applied for single glazing. This price can go up to 160 $ to 350 $ for triple glazing.

From one carpenter to another, the price of labor may also vary. To reduce the price, it is advisable to be vigilant about the maintenance of these facilities all year round. The greatest saving is an expense that we don’t make;

The stages of a renovation of a wooden joinery

If, despite their regular maintenance, your wooden joinery deteriorates over time and you want to carry out this work alone, here are some interventions that you may have to do :

  • Clean the wood from the existing one: sanding, removal of roughness and wormy parts.
  • Adjust the closure problems by sanding in case of too much friction
  • If necessary, conceal the imperfections with a smoothing coating.
  • Fill any cavities in the wood with putty if necessary, change the outdated piece of edge.
  • Treat the metal parts: after unscrewing the metal parts, treat the rust before repainting.
  • Repair or reseal the fasteners.

Change or renovate your wooden window?

Keep in mind that a renovation will repair cracks or cavities inherent to excess moisture or the presence of parasitic insects. It is also an opportunity to offer a second life to your windows for the sake of aesthetics.

However, heavier damage will have to involve a full replacement.

Indeed, it is sometimes more economical to replace the existing one than to try to restore it.

A change will make it possible to move towards more efficient products, and will make you gain in light and energy savings. Although more expensive to install, triple glazing will be ideal in this sense.

Also be aware that it is estimated that 10% or even 15% of heat losses due to poor thermal insulation. Changing the existing sound will then improve these thermal performance, but also sound. Indeed, the more efficient a model is in terms of glazing, the more limited the high frequencies will be.

So-called “new generation” glazing makes it possible to bring greater comfort to a home.

This opening on the outside is not only intended to bring light, it is also a carpentry visible also from the outside, it must be aesthetic. This change will help to enhance your wealth: the added value at the time will be felt.

Finally, poor-quality carpentry undermines the security of a home. To limit the attempts of break-ins, the installation of a more robust aluminum model will secure your home.

The regulations in case of replacement

With a view to an identical replacement of your windows, no declaration is to be expected. However, it is mandatory to make a prior declaration if you change your models to new ones.

An important point concerns the historical buildings, protected or saved in France. Some areas are actually subject to specific rules.

To preserve its aesthetic character, a safeguarding and enhancement plan (PSMV) frames any change. The owners must then choose certain materials and colors. Compliance with these standards is controlled by the architect of the Buildings of France.

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