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Scratches on the glazing of a window? Tips to eliminate them easily and effectively

Even if they are small, we do not appreciate seeing scratches on the glazing of his window. At first, they are barely visible, but once we have discovered them, they hinder the view to the outside. Fortunately, there are simple and effective methods to remove the nasty scratches present on the glass. Find out here what steps you can take to remove scratches.

  • Scratches on the glazing of windows: clean properly
  • Make scratches on the glass of a window disappear: these simple measures can help you do this
  • Do not take scratches on the windows lightly

Scratches on the glazing of windows: clean properly

Is it precisely necessary to criminalize cleaning when scratches appear on the glazing of windows? The concern is not the cleaning of the windows, as such, but the way you clean your windows. Annoying scratches may appear on the window glass if you use inappropriate cleaning products, sponges, rags or squeegees, which can scratch the surface.

In order not to cause unnecessary scratches on the glazing of the windows, you must imperatively avoid the following things when cleaning the roof windows:

  • Cleaning products containing abrasive particles
  • Universal chemical detergents
  • Coarse or already used wiping cloths
  • Metal squeegees
  • Perform movements by pressing hard on the glass
  • Wearing rings

To clean your windows with care, the best thing is to use only warm water and a microfiber cloth or a chamois skin. If you absolutely want to use a squeegee, make sure that the rubber is always clean and do not buy a metal product. Do not apply unnecessary pressure when washing the window. Do not rub the glass to loosen dry dirt, even if it is not uncommon for it to be found precisely on roof windows. Instead, soften the place well with warm water with the addition of a mild detergent. The dirt will then come off on its own.

Make scratches on the glass of a window disappear: these simple measures can help you do this

What was supposed to happen happened. Your window is freshly cleaned, the sun is shining – and now a beautiful scratch appears in the middle of the glass! Don’t panic. There are several methods that are both simple and effective to make scratches on the glass of a window disappear. In all scratch removal processes, however, care must be taken to ensure that the window glazing is thoroughly cleaned beforehand and free of any residue. By doing so, you will be able to clearly see the scratch to be removed, and will be sure that there are no dirt particles left that could cause new damage. Whichever method you choose, do a short test beforehand to make sure that the process is really suitable for your windows. To do this, first of all use old and already replaced windows or small cellar windows.

The following methods can help you eliminate scratches on a glazing:

  1. With toothpaste or Meudon white, place a little toothpaste on a soft cloth. Polish the scratch on the glass until it has practically disappeared. The white of Meudon is even more suitable. Whether it’s toothpaste or Meudon white, both are also predestined to remove scratches on stainless steel.
  1. With an ammonia-based solution An ammonia solution for effectively removing scratches from windows consists of about 15 to 20 ml of ammonia per 1 liter of water. Apply the solution with a soft polishing cloth, taking good care to always wear protective gloves. It is also advisable to wear respiratory and eye protection. Then thoroughly rinse the ammonia solution with warm water on the glass.
  1. With polishing rouge Polishing rouge is, so to speak, the polishing product of professionals. It is used to polish hard materials – and therefore also glass – with excellent results as a result. Applied dry, the polishing lipstick is very effective. Use it carefully and start by applying it carefully around the scratch.
  1. With polishing kits and repair kits In addition to the methods already mentioned, ready-to-use polishing kits are also commercially available to remove scratches on glass panes – with or without glass polishing paste. Most of the time, the repair kits include a grinding and/or polishing bit to be attached to the drill. If you opt for one of these kits, it is imperative to check before any purchase that the product has been specifically designed for window polishing.

Do not take scratches on the windows lightly

It is certain that there are simple and effective methods to remove scratches from a glass pane. But there is always the risk that the result will not be what we expected. If the scratch is too deep, the methods presented will also quickly run into their limits. The risk of causing even more scratches discourages most people from taking on this work themselves.

If you prefer to play the safety card, we recommend that you call on a window professional, who will be able to advise you and better gauge the actual damage. In addition, he will provide you with valuable advice on exactly how to clean your roof windows as sparingly as possible, so that your windows remain scratch-free and functional for a long time to come. If, on the other hand, your window is already very old or the scratches have accumulated over the years, the complete replacement of the window often represents the best alternative. If you are precisely faced with this scenario and you now want to replace your damaged roof window or living room window, you must imperatively consult a specialized company to be advised in detail on the different alternatives.

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