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The cost of repairing a window is often much lower than replacing it. That is why it is always useful to get well informed about the repair of a window before trying to change a broken window. Broken glass, hinge problems, damaged sashes or to be renovated … Let’s take a look together at how to determine the cost of repairing a window.

Price of repair of a window

The cost of repairing a window can, to begin with, depend on the damaged part, opening or sleeping :

  • The frame is the fixed part of the window. It is also called frame.
  • The sash is the movable part.

These two components of the window can be repaired separately, depending on the origin of the breakage. Let’s look at the price of repairing a window if one or the other of these elements is defective :

Repair price of the window sash

The sash is the window itself, namely the movable part of the window. It is common for it to be involved in the event of a broken window.

Depending on the case, the repair of the sash can be carried out with or without removal :

  • Minimal interventions usually do not require a drop-off and can be carried out on site. This is the case with puttying to fill in small holes caused by moisture or by an invasion of lignivorous insects such as the tendril.
  • When the repairs are more important, replacement of a part of the chassis such as the crossbar or replacement of a window, a removal may be necessary. The same is true when a wooden window has some twists that require re-machining.

As a rule, the repair of a window is between 80 and 200 € when it is necessary to repair the sash. Everything will of course depend on the type of renovation necessary.(Ask for free, personalized estimates for the repair of your windows!)

Repair price of the window frame

Just like the sash, the frame (namely the window frame) can also suffer the damage of time or insects. Its repair can be carried out on site when the damage is minor.

However, be aware that it is possible for you to completely change the frame of the window so that it remains as pretty as it is efficient. The replacement can also prove to be much less expensive than the repair of the frame.

The price of repairing a window is around € 150 when the frame needs to be renovated. This budget will be higher if the frame has to be removed … and we advise then to replace the window outright.

The price of renovating a window depending on the elements to be renovated

The cost of renovating a window will directly depend on the origin of the breakage. A window includes more elements than we think, and each of them can pose a problem.

It is usually the hardware elements of the window that are damaged first. Hinges, hinges and locks must in particular be repaired every 5 to 10 years. In extreme cases, it will be necessary to think about their replacement.

Repair prices for hinges, hinges and window locks

Unlike fixed windows, opening windows are intended to be opened and closed as many times as necessary. Their mechanisms are therefore constantly stressed and over time it may no longer function properly. Squeaks, chassis that refuses to open entirely, the hinges may require periodic maintenance.

Most of the time, a little lubrication is enough for the hinges to return to their normal functions. The same applies to a lock that can jam. The repair price of a window is between 20 and 30 € in such a case, since it is a simple maintenance. It is also better to carry it out yourself, to be sure to limit the necessary investments.

Our advice: there are lubricants designed to maintain and repair the window hardware yourself, available in DIY stores from € 3.

Replacement price of the hardware elements of a window

When they are too damaged, the fittings must be replaced. The price of hinges, hinges and locks depends on several criteria, their sizes, their materials, but above all on their brands. From € 3 or € 5 per piece, the prices of the hinges can go beyond € 100 for the most prestigious brands.

However, the price often reflects the quality of the products and it is always better to invest in a quality hardware store only once than to buy a low-priced product that risks creating even more problems.

On average, the price of a carpenter to replace hinges and locks is around 50 euros, which is significantly more advantageous than replacing windows.

Price of repair of a window pane

Among the common works on windows is also the replacement of glass. The cost of a glass change varies from € 60 to € 250 per m2, depending on the type of glazing. As you will have understood, the larger your window is, the higher the repair price will be in case of glass breakage.

The following table offers you more details on the price of replacing a glass :

Type of glass to be replaced Price of repair of a glass
Single glazing From 60 to 80 €/m2
Ordinary double glazing From 80 to 140 €/m2
Double glazing with acoustic reinforcement From 130 to 180 €/m2
Double glazing with safety reinforcement From 160 to 200 €/m2
Triple glazing From 200 to 250 € / m2 (Receive free quotes for the replacement of your window panes)

Once again, keep in mind that a broken window can be an opportunity to replace your windows, especially if they are old or worn out. Do not hesitate to request different window repair quotes, to compare the options available to you.

Tip: For scratched windows, when the scratches are shallow, toothpaste, ash, glass wool can help you reduce them in order to avoid an expensive replacement.

The repair price of a window or a roof window

The repair price of a window and that of a roof window differ from that of a conventional window.

Price of repair of a window

In the case of a damaged window, it is mainly the size of the joinery that drives up the prices. The repair of a window costs an average of € 150. But this price will directly depend on the origin of the breakage.

If you realize that the window is very damaged, it will be better to have it replaced.

To know: in the event of a break-in or deliberate damage, do not forget that your insurance may cover certain costs.

Price of repair of a roof window

A faulty roof window can cause infiltration and moisture problems. It is imperative to repair it as soon as possible to prevent the damage from getting worse. However, the repair of a roof window turns out to be more expensive than that of a conventional window.

Indeed, Although a simple caulking can cost € 8, the bill may be more salty as soon as it comes to replacing a broken glass or hardware elements.

Count no less than € 300 on average for an intervention in the event of glass breakage on a roof window. In most cases, you have no other option but to replace the failed roof window, which will cost you an average of around 800 euros. Once again, it is then useful to contact your insurance company before starting the work.

Tips for choosing a window repairer

The choice of the repairer will obviously have a major influence on the price of the repair. Each craftsman sets his prices differently, and it is therefore important to choose your window repairer correctly.

However, here is how you can find the best carpenter at the best price in your area :

  • Have several window repair quotes drawn up, from competing companies.
  • Compare the rates of carpenters for window repair.
  • Compare the solutions that are offered to you for the renovation of your window.
  • Use a craftsman near you, this will allow you to reduce travel costs

The price of repairing a window should nevertheless not be the only criterion for choosing a craftsman. The quality of his work matters as much. For this, it is better to entrust the work to an experienced craftsman who has already proven himself. Find out from your friends, neighbors or on online forums that evaluate the performance of craftsmen.

Finally, be aware that the type of materials of your window can also affect the repair price of the latter. Click here in particular to discover the repair price of a PVC window.

Are you looking to quickly find a window repairer? Do you want to estimate the repair price of a window more easily? Do not hesitate to fill out the form located at the bottom of this page, to be fixed on the renovation budget of a window by receiving various free quotes.

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