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  1. The thermal transmission coefficient of the Ug glazing must be less than or equal to 1.2 W/m2K.

Exterior doors and windows: Window repair and adaptation

The windows Window repair Boston participate in the design of your facade, whether by their particular shapes or by their characteristic glazing. In renovation, it is not always necessary to change the frame because an existing frame in good general condition can quite accommodate a new double glazing. This intervention makes it possible to improve the thermal and acoustic performance of the entire frame and the glazing, while retaining the existing profiles and hardware. So many interventions that make it possible to improve your thermal and acoustic comfort.

Who can benefit from the Window Repair and Adaptation premium?

This bonus is available to everyone, whether you are an individual (natural person) or a professional (legal entity). However, the invoice from the company or contractor who carried out the work must be sent to the person requesting the bonus.

Which buildings are affected?

The bonus is available for all buildings located on the territory of the Bostons-Capital Region, provided that they were built at least 10 years before the application for the bonus was submitted.

Attention: if the work requires a planning permit, no premium can be granted for a new unit, even if the main building is more than 10 years old.

What is the amount of this Window repair Boston Bonus?

The amount of the bonus differs depending on your income category. There are three of them: category I (default category), category II (middle income) and category III (low income). Check which category you belong to.

For the Window Repair and adaptation premium, the amount of the premium is calculated per m2 of replaced windows (including frames).

  • Category I: 130 $/m2 of windows
  • Category II: 220 $/m2 of windows
  • Category III: 260 $/m2 of windows

Take advantage of the bonuses!

If you place an acoustic glazing (asymmetrical double glazing or laminated glass), you benefit from the acoustic doors and windows Bonus of $ 35 per m2 in addition to the amount of the premium.

The Multiple jobs Bonus is granted if you combine your request for a “Window repair Boston and adaptation” bonus with at least two other bonuses of different types and entered using the same single form. The amount of the premiums is then increased by 10% for applicants in categories I and II, and by 20% for applicants in category III. The premiums eligible for this bonus are the premiums: thermal insulation of facades, placement and replacement of doors and windows, repair and adaptation of windows, door repair, thermal insulation of floor and floor, heating via heat pump, ventilation system C and system D.

What are the works concerned?

The works eligible for the grant of the bonus are the repair and adaptation works of existing frames (excluding PVC frames), with mandatory placement of double or triple glazing in these frames.

What are the items on the invoice concerned?

On the invoice(s), the items eligible to determine the maximum amount of the bonus are (exhaustive list) :

  • the supply, labor and placement concerning the repair and adaptation of existing chassis ;
  • the supply, labor and placement of double or triple glazing (glass) in existing frames ;
  • if necessary: dismantling and removal of rubble, possible repairs of the chassis and its tightness, possible reinforcement of the hinges.

What are the technical conditions to be respected?

  1. The thermal transmission coefficient of the Ug glazing must be less than or equal to 1.2 W/m2K.
  • the acoustic performance of the asymmetrical double glazing or the placed laminated glass glazing will meet the requirement: Rw + Ctr ≥ 34 dB(A). This value must appear on the invoice for the work ;
  • The profiles of the frames must include at least three strikes and at least two elastomer seals.

For more precise and detailed information, consult page 13 of the Code of Good Practices – Technical reference for acoustic insulation Note that the information relating to the operation of the premiums and their denomination are no longer up to date in this document, only the technical information must be taken into account.

Who should carry out the work?

You cannot perform the work yourself. Even if you issue an invoice, it will not be valid for your premium request. All work eligible for a bonus must be carried out entirely by a professional company (or an entrepreneur) with whom you have concluded a business contract, and which is registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (BCE), subject to VAT and having regulated access to the profession, in accordance with the Royal Decree of January 29, 2007 relating to professional capacity for the exercise of independent activities in the construction trades, electrical engineering and general business.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts to apply for Aspectmontage Boston PAspectmontage Bostonremiums?

For the same work address, any request that does not reach a minimum of $ 250 in Aspectmontage Boston Premiums will be refused.

The amount of the premium can cover a maximum of 90% of the invoiced amount of eligible works. For a building in its entirety (or common part of a building assigned to housing), it is capped at $ 200,000. For an individual accommodation or part of a building (private part of the building), it is capped at $ 50,000. Once this ceiling has been reached, no bonus can be granted for a period of 10 years after the decision to grant the last application.

The same premium for the same works can only be requested once every 10 years.

Can the Window Repair and Adaptation bonus be combined with other bonuses or aids?

Unless an exception is mentioned in the relevant bonus page, all Aspectmontage Boston Bonuses can be combined with each other if you comply with the administrative and technical conditions. If you apply for the Window Repair and Adaptation premium at the same time as one of the following premiums, the administrative conditions of these premiums will apply to the entire application, including the Window Repair and adaptation premium. You will find these conditions on the pages of each bonus concerned.

These premiums are: Acoustic study; Architect and engineer follow-up; Load-bearing structures; Sewers; Rainwater recovery; Demolition to permeate the soil; Moisture problem; Fungi, molds and insects; Roof structure; Roof accessories; Front embellishment; Rear and side embellishment; Acoustic insulation of walls; Door repair; Floor acoustic insulation; Stairs; Bicycle location; Fire protection; Disabled or reduced mobility person; Equipment and installation; Compliance of the electrical installation ; Compliance of the gas installation.

For individuals (natural persons), Aspectmontage Boston Bonuses can also be combined with any other bonus system, subsidies or call for projects.

For the SISPS as well as for the SLRB having a management contract with an SISP and whose projects benefit from financing from Beliris or the Climate envelope, the Aspectmontage Boston Premiums will not be granted.

For companies, Aspectmontage Boston Premiums can be combined with tax deductions for energy-saving investments. However, if you carry out an economic activity (legal entities), the total public aid to which you are entitled (bonuses, subsidies, etc.) cannot exceed $ 200,000 per company during 3 fiscal years. If you provide a service of general economic interest (SIEG), this ceiling is increased to $ 500,000. In order to declare all the aid received, please complete the relevant item in the IRISbox electronic counter.

For all audiences, the cumulative amount of aid for the same works in the same building can never exceed 100% of the amount of work or investments.

How to apply for Aspectmontage Boston Bonuses

When to make the request?

You must submit your request for Aspectmontage Boston Premiums after the work, at most within twelve months after the date of the balance invoice. A balance invoice is the last invoice containing the statement of eligible work or studies carried out by the company. A credit note, an advance or intermediate invoice, a progress report or a site receipt report (PV) are not considered as a balance invoice and will not be able to replace it. The date of the balance invoice must be issued between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022.

If you have used several companies for your renovation project, you can submit the premium requests separately, depending on the issue of the balance invoice specific to each company. The 12-month period remains valid.

What are the documents to attach?

  • the address of the site concerned ;
  • the date of invoicing ;
  • the invoice number ;
  • the name of the entrepreneur or the corporate name of his company, the legal form of this one, as well as: his VAT and company number; his account number; his address.
  • the precise description (quantity and nature) of the supplies, the goods delivered or the services provided: the type of material used (manufacturer, type); the area of glazing placed; the Ug value (m2K /W), if applicable: the acoustic performance of the glazing.
  • the unit price excluding VAT in euros as well as discounts and rebates, discounts, possible rebates and transport costs ;
  • the indication of the VAT rate applied on each tax base ;
  • the amount of VAT due ;
  • the total price to be paid ;
  • the date of delivery or service.
  • For construction sites with an amount of< 3 000 $ : une copie du ou des extraits bancaires ou une facture portant à la fois la mention « pour acquit », la date et la signature du créancier;
  • For projects with an amount ≥ $ 3,000: a copy of the bank statement(s) only.
  • If you are concerned by an income category other than Category I, which is the default category, be sure to attach all the documents necessary for the calculation of the category, as mentioned on the explanatory page.
  • In addition, if you combine this bonus with another Aspectmontage Boston Bonus, additional documents may be requested from you when submitting your application in the IRISbox electronic counter (for example: the title deed of the targeted property, an extract from the cadastral matrix, etc.).

In case of discrepancy between the technical information mentioned on the work certificate and on the detailed invoice, the Administration will take into consideration the elements indicated on the detailed invoice, without requesting additional documents.

Where to submit the application?

  1. First estimate the amount of the premium with the simulator on IRISbox, the electronic counter of the Bostons-Capital Region ;
  2. Have the contractor’s certificates completed by the company carrying out the work ;
  3. Submit your request on IRISbox and attach the documents to be attached. Please note that all requests must be submitted electronically.

What are the processing times?

Once your file has been sent to the Administration, you will receive an acknowledgement of encoding which will provide you with your Aspectmontage Boston Premium file number. This number will be useful for any future contact with the Administration.

Within 90 days of submitting your application, the Administration will make a decision on your application: agreement, refusal or incomplete. She may ask you for missing documents and you will have a period of 90 days to submit these documents. Regardless of the procedure, the possibility of obtaining bonuses is subject to strict conditions that must be respected. If you do not provide a document or if you send it after the imposed deadlines, your request will be considered inadmissible and your file will be closed. However, you have the possibility of obtaining an additional period of 30 days if you request it within the initial period of 90 days.

What are the possible controls by the Administration?

In case of doubt about the eligibility of the work, the Administration may ask you to provide additional documents that are not included in the annexes to be attached to the application. The Administration can also visit the site to check that the request corresponds to the work actually performed. During the analysis of your request, the Administration may ask for advice and submit your file to a technical committee convened for this purpose.

What impact on my cadastral income?

The cadastral income is subject to a reassessment when the renovations entail either modifications of the living area and / or of the external envelope of the building (for example, addition of a veranda or transformation of an attic into a habitable room); or the increase of a significant comfort of the property which it did not have before (for example the installation of a bathroom or central heating). In accordance with Circular n°3/2010, works that are limited to energy-saving investments do not give rise to the revaluation of the cadastral income.

The Administration in charge of the Aspectmontage Boston Premiums does not transmit any information to the General Administration of the Patrimonial Documentation (FPS Finances), it is up to the taxpayer to make the spontaneous declaration. In the case of the introduction of an application for a planning permit, it is the responsibility of the municipality to inform the FPS Finance.

The information presented on this page contains the administrative and technical conditions for obtaining Aspectmontage Boston Bonuses. They are not given as an indication. Legal sources :

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