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By Sylvain Zaffini Updated on 05/26/2022

Repair or window change: How to choose?

By Sylvain Zaffini Updated on 05/26/2022

Window repair or change: How to choose

Windows are one of the most important elements of a house. They perform different roles that all call for high performance. We must thus pamper them, ensure their maintenance and, if necessary, carry out the necessary repairs or changes. This is where the problem hurts, because many individuals have difficulty determining whether to perform a window replacement or repair. Here are our tips to avoid sleepless nights.

Repair or change a window: Making the right choice

When a window presents a technical problem or a failure in its performance, we must take decisions quickly. A window in poor condition calls into question the good insulation of the house and incurs money losses, for example in terms of heating.

It is necessary to make the right decisions and ensure the resolution of the problem. Most often, you can either have your window repaired or have it completely replaced.

The repair of a window is interesting if the glazing is damaged, if only one part of the frame is in poor condition, if the tightness of the window is questioned or for other minor problems.

The replacement of the window is necessary to greatly improve the technical performance, to renovate according to the latest standards in force or simply to respond to a frame in very poor condition.

Repair or change a window: Making the right choice

It will also be possible to have a brand new opening frame installed on an old frame, if the ribs are identical and if the frame is in good condition. This solution is especially conceivable if the old windows are not too old and if their dimensions are standard.

What are the possible window repairs?

If the public imagination automatically thinks about replacing the window as soon as a problem appears, there are cases when repairing the window is entirely possible.

First of all, it must be understood that some frame materials are more easily repairable than others. Wooden windows are ideal for this, for example, while PVC windows pose more problems.

It is obviously possible to repair a window in which one of the panes is damaged. A crack that has burst under the effect of the elements, a misplaced tennis ball or others can break a modern window (depending on the angle and speed of impact). The repair is ideal here as long as the window is not too old.

We can also repair windows whose accessories, hinges and closures are defective.

Finally, if part of the frame is in poor condition due to poor maintenance, we can, in some cases, have this part repaired only.

Replacing a window, the ideal solution?

If the replacement of windows often seems essential, it is simply because it brings significant advantages, for a price not necessarily higher.

We will therefore ideally replace a very old window, a single-glazed window or a double-glazed window whose defects are very significant.

In many cases, the purchase of a very basic double-glazed window can be less expensive than the complicated repair of an old window. The margins and the economy of scale of the modern window can make these kinds of paradoxes possible.

Replacing a window, the ideal solution

We always advise you to check several scenarios with the works interlocutor, so as to explore all the avenues to have the best quality / price ratio.

The main advantage of replacing a window is undoubtedly the extension of the service life of the equipment, which the repair cannot really match.

Transforming a window into double glazing: A good idea?

Be aware that in some cases it is possible to install an additional pane of glass on a single-glazed window. The purpose of the operation is to benefit from the insulation of a double glazing without having to change the entire window.

This kind of window repair is called over-glazing and can be an acceptable solution.

We generally turn to this solution for listed buildings, for very atypical windows, or for all cases where the original window must be preserved.

Be careful, because the cost of over-glazing can be equivalent to that of a new window and even exceed me.

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