Window breakage repair near me

An ice break? An impact? A crack?

Aspectmontage Windows ® always has a solution to offer you in the event of an ice breakage, regardless of the make, model or year of your vehicle.

Every year, our technicians are specifically trained to repair your impacts on windshields ⁽1⁾ or replace the various automotive glass (windshield, side windows, rear glasses), and thus we provide service to more than a million customers per year.

The replacement of your glazing

All our glazing interventions are guaranteed for life ⁽2⁾. We order our glass parts directly from the world’s leading glass manufacturers, just like car manufacturers. They are manufactured according to the European standard 43R ⁽3⁾.

The windshield is a major element on your vehicle because it protects you from the outside, but it is highly exposed to the risks of damage. A break in the ice can occur following a projection of pebbles or during an attempted theft. In the event of a break in the ice, go to a Aspectmontage Windows ® center, the specialist in impact repair and windshield replacement. An automotive glazing technician will be able to intervene on car windows as soon as possible. In our workshops, our employees repair or replace your windshield and replace any other glass surface, in particular the panoramic roof but also the rear window and the side windows.

The assumption of the costs related to the ice breakage guarantee

In one of our 450 workshops in France, our teams of professionals only need about thirty minutes to repair an ice break such as an impact, and two and a half hours for a replacement of automotive glazing (windshield, rear window). At Carglass ® , if you have thought about taking out the ice breakage guarantee in your car insurance contract, you will not have to pay any upfront costs ⁽⁴⁾. In the event of a possible excess of the ceiling and / or deductible at the expense of the insured, the sum is to be paid directly at the Aspectmontage Windows ® center. In addition, Aspectmontage Windows ® is a partner of many car insurance companies. Because the damage to your car must generally be declared to your insurance company within five working days, the Carglass ® teams accompany you in the procedures with your car insurance company. They take care of it directly with most insurance companies that have approved Carglass ® or prepare the necessary documents for you in the rare cases to the contrary: your peace of mind is their priority! Do not forget to present the gray card of the car and the green card of the vehicle when you come.

A large stock of parts for maximum comfort

When an ice break occurs in the form of an impact on your windshield, a resin is injected into the impact, if it is located outside the driver’s field of vision and smaller than a two euro coin. Whenever possible, our teams always favor the repair of the windshield. On the other hand, in the event of a crack, your windshield must be replaced. Our teams replace it according to its characteristics thanks to our stock of 240,000 pieces of glass. If it is not in stock, your car glazing is ordered from our supplier, who will make every effort to deliver the part as quickly as possible.

How do I take out ice breakage insurance?

The ice breakage guarantee is part, along with theft, vandalism and natural disasters, of the claims automatically included in all-risk car insurance contracts. The ice break option is also included in the extended third-party car insurance formulas. This glass breakage guarantee can cover any disaster that has occurred on the glass surface of the insured vehicle: the windshield of course, but also the rear window, the side windows, as well as, in some cases, the panoramic roof, the headlights, the flashing lights and the mirrors. The insured should not hesitate to request a quote from his usual insurer and also contact other insurance companies to compare rates. It is necessary to ensure that the estimates detail all the claims covered, the risks covered, the amount of the deductible.

What to do in case of impact on the windshield of the vehicle?

As soon as an impact appears on the windshield of your vehicle, it is advisable to act quickly. First of all, because this glazing is an element of protection and solidity on your car and that the impact could evolve into larger-scale ice breakage. On the other hand, because the windshield is an element of comfort for the driver and that the latter should not be hindered by the presence of any damage. The rapid reaction of the driver is therefore essential, especially since the impact repair is most often possible as soon as it appears, depending on its location and size. In addition, it evolves every other time into a crack in less than three weeks and it is our customers who tell us ⁽⁵⁾. The repair of the windshield is then no longer possible and it is the replacement of the glazing that must then be planned.

If you have an all-risk insurance contract or an extended third-party contract including the ice breakage guarantee, whether it is an impact repair or a windshield replacement, you will be compensated (up to the ceiling specified in your contract and deductible deducted if applicable). On the other hand, the basic third-party insurance contracts do not provide for compensation for ice breakage. To be able to be covered under the glass breakage guarantee, you must go through an auto glazing specialist approved by your insurer.

This is the case of Aspectmontage Windows ® which is approved by the majority of insurers and which takes care of everything with the latter. Not only is the repair or replacement of your windows done, but the declaration to the insurer and the administrative formalities to obtain its agreement are carried out by your Aspectmontage Windows ® advisor. You then have nothing else to pay other than a possible deductible or an excess of the warranty limit, if indicated in your car insurance contract ice breakage. In the absence of a deductible and / or ceiling, you then have absolutely nothing to pay. You are fully compensated and it is Aspectmontage Windows ® who takes care of recovering the amount of compensation from your insurance. Finally, it is useful to clarify that within the framework of the ice break guarantee of any insurance contract, the bonus malus coefficient is not reduced (if it is a simple ice break and for which you are not designated totally or partially responsible by the insurer). Under these conditions, there is indeed no harm even in the event of a break in the ice for vandalism or following an attempted theft. On the other hand, if other damages have been caused, other guarantees (theft, attempted theft) apply, provided, however, that you have subscribed them as part of your contract.

Scheduling the intervention: it’s simple!

To schedule your intervention in one of our Aspectmontage Windows ® centers, several options are available to you. You can contact our Aspectmontage Windows ® advisors by phone or request an intervention on your car glazing using the contact form on our website. You can also go directly to the Aspectmontage Windows ® center closest to you. If you cannot travel for the intervention, we will send the mobile team to your place of work, at home or at the address of your choice ⁽⁶⁾.

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