Vinyl window repair

Window repair rates

Window repair rates

In general, the price of replacing a window is always higher than that of repairing it. Before throwing away a broken window, it is therefore essential to find out about the advantages that this process offers as well as its cost. Follow the guide to get the answers to your questions.

Minimum price Maximum price
Classic repair 30 € 1000 €
Wooden window 30 € 520 €
PVC window 370 € 1000 €

Repair depending on the type of windows

A window plays a major role in a home. It allows air and light to penetrate while offering protection against the action of the elements. It therefore has a preponderant role on the amount of the energy bill. In order to overcome possible problems of overconsumption, make sure that the frames of your windows do not have gaps. Indeed, a hole can more or less significantly alter the thermal comfort of a home. The cost of repairing a window, however, depends on different factors, and more particularly on the type of equipment you have. Each intervention is specific to the nature of the material of the frame of the device.

Repair an aluminum and metal window

In the case of windows with an aluminum or metal frame, the interventions are usually minimal, as these models are quite robust. However, even if they constitute good thermal conductors, their level of insulation remains relatively low. Repairs on this type of system therefore often fall under the insulating plastic strip located between the inner and outer frames. Indeed, this element is crucial insofar as it makes it possible to create a thermal bridge break.

Repair windows made of composite materials

The manufacture of composite frames requires wood particles. The most used are plywood and laminated wood fiber. Like solid wood models, these structures are stable and have appreciable thermal characteristics. In addition, these materials are more resistant to rot and mold. Interventions on this type of equipment are usually related to the maintenance of the device.

Repair of PVC windows

In practice, PVC frames consist of polyvinyl chloride and UV ray stabilizers. These elements preserve the material from the sun’s rays which can damage it by serving as a barrier. These models do not need much maintenance and are quite resistant to moisture. The configuration of the equipment thus guarantees its robustness as well as the quality of its insulation. Therefore, interventions on PVC windows are not too complicated.

Repair a wooden window

Over time and due to climatic conditions, the wooden frames of the windows expand and contract. These devices therefore require regular maintenance. Repairs on these models are usually similar to the installation of vinyl or aluminum siding.

Average price of repairing a window

You should know that the insulating capacities of a window vary from one model to another. The repairs inherent to this equipment are most of the time related to a broken display case, problems with hinges or openings. The average price for repairing the system is conditioned by its dimensions, the nature of the work required and the type of material making up the window frame. For a house with a dozen medium-sized windows of 100 X 140 cm, plan between $ 1,700 and $6,000 budget.

The price of repairing the window depends on the material

Depending on the material with which the windows have been designed, their prices will vary as will their particularities. To have a wooden window repaired, the repair cost generally fluctuates between 40 and 500 euros. This price obviously takes into account the gasoline, but also the painting and varnishing.

A PVC window can be repaired for a price between 200 and 900 euros. The lack of flexibility compared to wood explains this higher price because it often requires changing more than the broken part. The repair of an aluminum window is more expensive than that of a wooden window. The repairman will charge according to the quality of its thermal insulation.

The price to have a window repaired according to the degraded part

In addition, the repairman asks for a different price depending on whether he has to take care of the sash or the frame of the window. A frame may need to be reworked if it has suffered a deformation or has been damaged. Count about 150 euros for the supply and labor. Note that it is more interesting to completely replace a too altered frame. Regarding the sash, this part is repaired more easily. A filling can be done on site for 80 euros but climbs to 200 euros with a deposit.

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