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Windows to be changed: who must pay, the tenant or owner?

Glazier in the process of replacing the glass of a window

You don’t expect to come home after a long day at work and find a broken window or an attempted break-in on a window of your home. And yet, it can happen. Is it up to the owner or the tenant to pay for the replacement of a broken window? We’ll tell you more about it!

Tenants have the obligation to maintain their windows

The tenant must take care of the routine maintenance of the home he lives in. He must use the appliances and facilities at his disposal in the right way, and take care not to damage them; this includes, in particular, doors and windows.

Who is in charge of changing the window seals?

The current maintenance of the accommodation being the responsibility of the tenant, under the law of July 6, 1989. This therefore includes any changes in seals and sealants of the windows.

The Alur law, applicable since January 01, 2015, is also very clear in this sense. It particularly defines the maintenance related to the frames, in particular concerning the proper functioning of the opening and closing mechanisms.

Thus, it is the responsibility of the tenant to take care of :

  • lubrication of hinges, hinges, and small parts of locks,
  • small repairs of door knobs and handles, hinges and closing mechanisms,
  • replacement of all small damaged parts (bolts, cremones. ),
  • replacement of lost or damaged keys,
  • the lubrication of the mechanisms of the blinds and shutters.

Broken glass: who pays?

The replacement of broken windows concerns the tenant, who is responsible for covering the costs related to the completion of the work by a professional, and the purchase of new equipment.

>>Are you a tenant? Do not forget to notify your landlord as soon as you notice an ice break, then contact a glazier. The latter will not be able to make an emergency glass replacement, because he will need to take measures to cut the glass. To make it easier for him, pick up the debris that has fallen on the ground, and cover the rest of the window with plastic and adhesive tape, for example.

A professional will do everything to get you out of embarrassment as soon as possible!

Votre vitre est cassée ? Contactez un artisan près de chez vous pour un remplacement professionnel ! >>I need a pro

The owners have the obligation to rent a decent accommodation

For their part, the owners undertake to rent a safe and comfortable accommodation (obligation to deliver in good condition, obligation to deliver decent housing).

They must carry out all the necessary repairs in case of obsolescence or force majeure and replace the devices that require it (too old, no longer up to standard..).

Finally, they also take charge of them, through the syndic of co-ownership, all the necessary works in the common areas, in particular those relating to construction defects.

Is double glazing mandatory?

The lessors are not obliged to install double glazing. However, the regulations require that all rented accommodation meets a “minimum energy performance criterion”. The owners are therefore strongly invited to equip their homes with double glazing and all the equipment going in the direction of energy optimization.

Finally, the owners of private residential buildings whose consumption is greater than 330 kilowatt hours of primary energy per square meter per year must undertake work to improve energy performance (insulation. ) for their housing classified “F” and “G” on the DPE scale, involving changing the windows to single glazing.

Les professionnels MesDé interviennent sans majoration le soir et le week-end pour remplacer vos vitres ! >>I find out the estimated price

You know everything! The tenant is therefore responsible for the maintenance of his accommodation, including glass and windows. Thus, he will have to take care of repairs in case of broken glass. The owner does not bear the costs relating to a lack of maintenance or improper use of a device made available to the tenant, but all costs relating to the obsolescence of the accommodation and common areas.

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Comment :

Hello, I have been renting a home for 2 years in which a window pane is cracked/ broken. She was like this when the accommodation was rented to me and this is noted in the inventory of fixtures. The owner put scotch tape on both sides of the glass. Should he, however, have the glass changed? Thank you in advance for your answer.

Good evening I have been renting an apartment for 38 years I have old single glazed wooden windows and very damaged when it rains it enters my house my new owner who bought this property bought with credit works but he made another apartment in a building and did not do work in the apartment I rent did he have the right?

I am a tenant and I am having a hard time opening my sliding windows and in addition it is low thickness double glazing that dates from 1975 what should I do in relation to my landlord and who must pay and if it is she can she deduct her taxes sincere greetings

Hello I come to hlm east I noticed when I got home that my window is cracked who should do the repairs me or the landlord or the insurance

because of the strong wind, the sash window broke . The window then fell, and that’s because of my air conditioning that was in the window. the landlord refuses the installation of my air conditioning . he says that he is going to install a wall-mounted thermos pump and to be done he says that he will increase my rent as til right to increase my loyer. Je mansions the apartment above the proprietaire. Et also they enter my accommodation without warning what should I do what are my rights please

Hello, I have been living in a housing in GRANDLYONHABITAT for 11 years, since new roommates have returned to the housing below between the noises, and especially the smells of fat that come home to me every day, I ask GRANDLYONHABITAT to do something, because it doesn’t heat me up at all. for 3 years . I put on a kind of tights where I could because I’m afraid of the height, but nothing to dothe smells always come in. This window must have been installed incorrectly because it looks like I’m the one cooking. So I would like to know if it’s up to me to check this window? I am recognized as a disabled adult. Am I entitled to a remedy? Thanks

Hello, I noticed for the second time a crack on my bay window The crack is certainly due to the fact that the door of the bay window is veiled, which would explain that it always cracks in the same place and at the same time. The first time I had a doubt that it could be my fault but now it’s impossible I did everything to preserve them well not wanting to pay for repairs. My owner absolutely wants to come to make a quote during lockdown, I would like to refuse to wait for the most favorable moment can I? Since the worries are regular I would like to delay these works Can I delay the work as much as possible, if so how long (the declaration of ice breakage has already been made to my insurer). Thank you in advance for your help Good day to you, thank you again

Hello, My mother, who is quite old, has been renting a place for 4 months. A poorly installed window has never worked (opening, closing that rubs on the floor, so unusable. ) This is also noted in the inventory of fixtures. The owner tried 2 times to repair it in vain, the last time he came, he did not close this window properly, so my mother reassembled the handle in order to close it properly, which caused the tile to split, the slot crosses the window and starts at the handle. The owner has returned and still has not managed to fix the opening problem, so he will (finally!) involve a professional for the installation and opening mechanism, but he refuses to replace the broken glass. I think that this broken glass clearly comes from the wrong installation of the window and therefore that it is his responsibility to change it. Can you give me your opinion on this please, any advice? Thank you in advance. Heartily.

Hello, Our tenant broke a window. The window was open to ventilate the kitchen and at the end of the morning a strong wind slammed the glass, and it unhooked. In this case, who is responsible for the repair costs? Thanks

Hello, For 1 year we have noticed mold on the attic on the 1st floor of our apartment, of course we warned our landlord and they sent us a company who found that the velux was to be changed and that another leak came from the roof, the company concerned made a quote in March 2020 and the landlord had found it too expensive so does not want to sign it. Since then we have no more news from the landlord and the infiltrations and mold continue. What can we do? Heartily

Hello, I have just moved into my new apartment, and the windows of our loggia (closed balcony) are double glazed but which is no longer waterproof!! Suddenly the moisture gets inside and makes traces, and we were also worried that we would have to deal, by force, with a mold problem. I consider that this is a problem related to the obsolescence of the window, so it’s up to my landlord to do it, isn’t it? Especially considering that they were in this state BEFORE I moved in.

Hello here I explain to you we entered 1 year ago in a rented house we have already intervened for the adjustment of the Usa windows overlooking the garden but we are annoyed because for several months of strong winds open our window we enter everything is wide open we get up the same.. we have already noticed that if we barely push on the doors it opens.. so I wonder is it up to us tenant to fix this problem? Having already had problems before. and honestly, we don’t have the resources for it, it’s social housing.. thank you very much Mr.

Hello, I have been living in a detached house as a tenant for 14 years. Very poorly insulated house: – from the ground, concrete slab only. 1 year after my arrival I demanded that he insulate the floor, because during this first winter I had to throw away the mattresses filled with water and mold. He laid polystyrene plates. -from the roof, it is raining in the house, everite sheets split, every year for 14 years I have been going up on the roof to put putty on the cracks. He doesn’t care! – wooden windows rainwater seeps through the lower frame. it’s simple glazing. He doesn’t care! When I moved in 14 years ago, the paint on the blue windows was already peeling off. 6 years ago I undertook to repaint the windows. The blue paint was crumbling, we could see the raw wood there. I asked him for his consent. He didn’t specify the color, I chose purple. I sanded and repainted Today I’m moving in 1 month and a half, and he asks me to repaint the windows in another color, green or blue he says! I told him that this was not necessary because he was obliged to put double glazing for future tenants. He replied that he kept the wooden frame and the existing glass to add a second glass on top. He’s kidding me, these windows are in better condition since I repainted them. The purple is dark, it is not a garish color. Am I obliged to repaint them? Is it true to be able to put a second window on a rotten frame? Thanks

Hello, My son occupied a furnished apartment, with a double aluminum bay window opening from the sides. One morning, the left part could no longer open, it was blocked. There is only one handle to this sliding half-door. He brought in a craftsman who disassembled the 2 screws and the system fell inside. The latter told him that it cost about 150 euros for the repair. Having left the apartment, the owner does not want to return her deposit of 520 euros claiming that it was due to a lack of maintenance! This bay looks new and he has occupied this accommodation for 1 year. She presents him with 2 invoices: one of 417.05 including 1 amount of secondary opening head CL0202 ral 9016 and factory shipping costs and a second invoice for the installation of 314.60 indicating: following finding of disassembled handle on sliding bay with impossibility to reassemble it in the state because system previously forced and damaged. It is necessary to remove the sash and the upright to access the Cremona case. My son has never forced this opening and would have wanted to grease this handle, the same thing would have happened to him! Is it up to him to pay! The craftsman he had brought in had told him that these aluminum bays did not require maintenance. Thank you very much for informing me. Greeting.

Hello, My partner and I have been living in a house for 4 months. The latter has been renovated by the owners, but the velux of our room has not been changed, unlike the other windows. (House 1930) Now, the first month, we opened the velux, but we have a lot of trouble closing it. We spent 20 minutes last time. To avoid damaging it, we now avoid any manipulation. However, we looked for where the problem came from, and the velux is not straight: there is a more important day on the right than on the left in relation to the walls that surround this velux. This means that the ratchet, on the right, which enter the clamps, which blocks the velux once closed, no longer slips into these clamps, but slides from below, which blocks the closure and prevents the proper use of the velux. Only, we can’t ventilate our room, which is a problem for me when it comes to stale air. I also get more and more migraines and wonder if it would not come from the little renewed air. There is also a lot of condensation on the glass of the velux, the heating being below. Who is entitled to change this velux, which opens without difficulty, but closes very difficult, because of the offset? Changing the part would not change the problem: the ratchet will continue to slide under the clamps, due to the offset. Am I entitled to impose on the owners a change of window due to obsolescence? The velux is not recent. What are our remedies in case of refusal? Thank you for your response, have a nice day. Helene.

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