Repair window scratches

How to Remove Scratches on a Windshield?

Have you unfortunately noticed the presence of one or more scratches on a window of your car?

If they are placed incorrectly, on the windshield for example, they can reduce your visibility.

A ray of sunshine and the danger is multiplied. So, it is better to avoid this kind of auto problem and, when it occurs, solve it as soon as possible.

In this article, we tell you how to remove scratches on a windshield. Reimbursement by insurance and preventive techniques are other topics discussed.

Why is my car windshield scratched? How to prevent scratches?

One of the most common causes of scratches on a windshield is… the windshield wipers!

When these are damaged, they can indeed lead to micro-scratches on the front glass.

To avoid this kind of inconvenience, we regularly check the condition of our wiper blades and replace them if the plastic is damaged or if the blades are too hard.

Another cause of scratches on the windshields of cars are impacts on the road. Rubble on the side, a construction truck that loses materials … The impact factors are multiple.

By keeping a good distance behind a construction or agricultural machine and driving at moderate speed in the presence of gravel, we limit the risks of impact on its windshield.

Weather conditions are another source of scratches on car windows. After a hailstone fall, for example, we can observe traces of impact. Again, we can avoid these scratches. It is enough to park your vehicle in an enclosed space.

Scratches can be made on the body of a car or its windows during an act of vandalism.

To limit the risk of breakage, you can park your vehicle in a safe place (closed garage, secure parking …), equip it with an alarm, a dashcam or any other remote monitoring system.

Moreover, in order not to tempt possible breakers or thieves, we will make sure not to leave any personal belongings of value in his vehicle.

How to remove a scratch on the windshield of a car?

Several methods exist to remove the scratches on the windshields without carrying out a complete replacement.

Some are natural, others are less so … We present some of them below.

If none of these solutions shows effectiveness, if the scratches are deep or if they are very numerous, it is better to refer you to a professional.

Erase a scratch on a windshield in a natural way

There are home remedies to erase the roughness on the windows, such as white clay stone or baking soda.

Gently applied to the scratches with a sponge or a cloth, they turn out to be perfect polishing agents and restore the glass to a certain homogeneity. 100% ecological, these products are commercially available and represent a good solution to repair your car windshield at a lower cost.

Another solution is to apply, using a soft cloth, “polishing red” on the scratches. Light circular movements are made so that the polishing paste has its effect. Then, we rub with a paper impregnated with White Spirit. Finally, we rinse and dry.

Cerium oxide is another miracle ingredient to make scratches on glass disappear.

Car care products to renovate your windshield

If grandma’s tricks to renovate her windshield don’t work, we can get a scratch remover kit for glass or a specific car care product. Windshield renovators usually cost between $20 and $40.

The famous Meguiar’s brand offers, for example, an effective product for polishing the glass surfaces of cars.

Sold for less than $ 20, the G8408 window and windshield polish cleans, clarifies, eliminates small defects and makes the windshield shine. Maintenance product to be used with a suitable pad, it can also be applied with a polisher in order to eliminate small scratches.

The Quixx brand also offers specific products to remove scratches on windshields. Its windshield repair kit is essential in case of scratches.

In particular, it contains a special resin, tools and curing films. The liquid resin penetrates into the tiny gaps and, as it dries, the scratch or crack is filled in. This highly effective solution is an excellent alternative to windshield replacement.

Quixx has also designed a scratch eraser, to be used both on car windows and on the visors of motorcycle helmets.

The Quixx scratch eraser can even be used in the house, to remove scratches on furniture, windows, etc. The instructions for use are very simple, since it is enough to gently rub the scratch with the product, using a cloth. The result is immediate, with visibly smoother surfaces.

Can a repair be reimbursed by car insurance?

It all depends on the insurer, the contract taken out and the circumstances. If you have taken out an all-risk car insurance contract and / or including an ice break guarantee, a cover may be considered.

In the case of a natural disaster, specific care is also possible.

Note, however, that some insurers differentiate between broken glass and scratches. Before putting together your reimbursement request file, make sure you check with your insurance company.

In case of non-reimbursement by the insurance, note that a repair of a scratched windshield will cost you about $ 100.

The scratches on the windshield, an important point of the technical inspection?

Your vehicle will soon pass its technical inspection and you are wondering if the presence of scratches on the windshield can prevent you from getting your sticker? Rest assured! Small scratches are not a hindrance to obtaining the technical inspection.

On the other hand, a crack that is more than 30 cm long or an impact that reduces visibility can give rise to a counter-visit.

Since 2014 (and after having created a company in the field of mechanics and auto repair), I have been writing articles on the automotive world in order to help you extend the life of your vehicles and make the right choices of accessories. Do not hesitate to contact me directly on the contact form of the site.

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