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Window lifter: operation, change and price

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Manual window lifters have gradually given way to electric window lifters for more driving comfort. In both cases, the window regulator is used, as its name suggests, to lower or raise the side windows of your vehicle to open and close them. We also sometimes talk about ice lifts.

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πŸš— What is a window regulator?


A window regulator is a mechanical installation on your vehicle that allows you to raise or lower the side windows to renew the air in the passenger compartment. There are two types of window lifters :

  • Manual window lifters, which are found in particular on older vehicle models. They have hardly been found since the early 1980s. On these models, the driver had to manually turn a control that made it possible to lower or raise his window.
  • Electric window lifters, which are becoming more and more common at the front as well as at the rear. The driver has a window lifter for each window of the vehicle, including those located at the level of the rear seat.

πŸ”Ž How does the mechanism of a window regulator work?

how does the d mechanism work

There are two types of mechanisms for electric window lifters: scissor operation or cable operation.

  • Operation by scissors: the mechanism was inspired by that of a pair of scissors. Steel pieces intersect and are positioned horizontally when the windows are lowered and in X when they are raised.
  • Cable operation: the system is composed of a metal element, a pulley and a vertical cable that will allow you to raise or lower your window.

To operate the window regulator mechanism, two types of controls exist. The classic controls, where the driver or the passenger must continuously press the button to control the opening and closing of the window, and the sequential controls, where a single press makes it possible to open or close the window.

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πŸ“† When to change a window regulator?

when to change a window regulator?

The window regulator is in great demand on your car. So this is an electrical system that can fail. Generally the problem will come from a false contact, a gear fault or even a cable in poor condition.

If you notice certain symptoms, such as clicking or squeaking noises, an unusual slowdown when you want to move up or down your window, you will probably have to change your window regulator.

If you still hear the noise of the engine but the window no longer activates, it is surely the mechanism that is defective. If you do not hear the engine noise when you press the control, then the engine will have to be changed.

πŸ”§ How to test a window regulator motor?

How to test a window regulator motor?

It may be that your window regulator fails. Most often the breakdown arises from a false contact of the electrical mechanism. Here’s how to check your window regulator in a few steps :

  • Remove the door panel or trim.
  • Check the power supply of the glass switch: disassemble the switch and move it away from the door. With the help of a pilot lamp you will be able to check the power of the switch.
  • Remove the plastic that covers the door.
  • Disconnect the connector of the motor cable from the window.
  • Check the power of the wires using the indicator lamp by raising and lowering your window.
  • If the power supply does not go to the engine, it is because there is a problem with the power supply, it may be that the window regulator motor needs to be changed.

πŸ› οΈ How to repair an electric window regulator

How to repair an electric window regulator

Once you have tested the motor of your window regulator, it may indicate a failure requiring either a repair or a change. In case of repair, you have several steps to follow :

  • Dismantling the door panel: Before disassembling your panel, you must first disconnect the battery from your vehicle. Then remember to lower your windows well before dismantling.
  • Remove the window panel: you will need a screwdriver to remove the screws and the control button. Then remove the cables that are located at the door panel. When you are done, lift the clips to remove the window panel.
  • Apply lithium grease to your bracket if you have slider problems. This will thus make it possible to lubricate it and to have a more optimal sliding of the window.

Important: before doing any intervention, we advise you to consult the manufacturer’s manual. This will allow you to ensure the type of intervention required.

πŸ‘¨ πŸ”§ How to change a window regulator?

how to change a window regulator?

Have you noticed that your window regulator is no longer working properly but you don’t know how to change it? Good news, replacing a window regulator is not very complex and we will give you in detail the steps to follow to achieve it! Here are the steps to change your window regulator yourself.

Necessary equipment :

  • A toolbox
  • A new window regulator
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • A rivet pliers

Step 1: Drop all the elements of the door [ ancre anchor “step1”]

remove all the elements from the door

Start by disassembling the door trim: the mirror cover, the handle contour, the speaker cover. You can use a flat screwdriver to unhook these elements more easily. Then disassemble the speaker.

Remove the rods from the glass and then the linings, always using a screwdriver to unscrew the fasteners and pry. Then remove the insulation that is located on the turn of the door and then the handle using a drill.

Step 2: Drill the fixing rivets [ ancre anchor “step2”]

drill the fixing rivets

Once all the elements blocking access to the window regulator have been removed, drill the five rivets that hold the rails of the window regulator, always using your drill. Then remember to detach the wires that are located under the motor and then disconnect the power lug.

Step 3: Remove the window regulator [ ancre anchor “step3”]

put down the window lifter

You can now carefully remove the window regulator so as not to damage the electrical cables.

Step 4: Recover the engine [ ancre anchor “step4”]

remove the engine from the window lifter

Once the window regulator is removed, disassemble the engine and check that it is the cause of the breakdown. If so, replace the engine.

Step 5: Reassemble the window regulator [ βš“ anchor “step5”]

reassemble the window regulator

Mount the new window regulator, taking care to position the electrical cables correctly. Then fix the rails and the motor using a rivet pliers.

Step 6: Reassemble all the elements [ ancre anchor “step6”]

pull up the

Once your window regulator is installed, you can reassemble all the elements that you had disassembled during step 1 to access the window regulator. Reassemble them in the opposite direction of disassembly. Your window regulator is now changed!

πŸ’° What is the price of a change of electric window regulator?

price change window lifter

On average, a window lift mechanism alone will cost you between $ 80 and $ 100 depending on the brand and model chosen. To this price it will be necessary to add the price of labor: count on average 150 $ for a change of electric window regulator, part and labor included.

Now you know everything about your window lifters! To change a window regulator in your car in the event of a breakdown and find out the exact price of the intervention, do not hesitate to go through our platform. Vroomly helps you find a cheap garage near you and allows you to make an appointment in just 5 minutes!

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