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Window regulator: role, signs of wear, repair and price

A window lifter is a device that makes it possible to lower or raise a side window of a vehicle. The manual window regulator is mainly present on older cars while the electric window regulator is more widely used today and is equipped with an electric motor, guide rails as well as a mechanism operating by cable or scissors.

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⁉️ What is a window regulator for?

window lifter role

The window lifter is a mechanical device that makes it possible to raise or lower the side windows of the vehicle. This thus makes it possible to ventilate and renew the air within the passenger compartment.

Two types of window lifters exist :

  • The manual window regulator on old cars and equipped with a crank that must be turned in order to raise or lower the window ;
  • The electric window lifter equipped with a button that must be pressed or pulled to act on the windows. In addition to the window lifters at each side window, the driver also has a control panel that groups 4 window lifters so that he can have his hand on each of the window lifters.

The electric window lifter can work thanks to two types of mechanism :

  • Cable operation where a vertical cable is hooked to a pulley to ensure the movements of the glass ;
  • The operation by scissors where steel pieces intersect and are placed horizontally when the windows are lowered and in the form of an X when the windows are mounted.

The electric window lifter also has a motor as well as guide rails regardless of the mechanism used.

If to raise or lower the window, it is necessary to press the button continuously, then this is a conventional control system. On the other hand, if a single press of the button is sufficient, the window regulator then has a sequential control.

🔎 What are the symptoms of a HS window regulator?

symptoms of hs window lifter

Due to these numerous stresses, a window regulator can fail. A failure of an electric window regulator can be caused by a damaged electrical cable, by a false contact or by a gear problem.

The symptoms of a HS window lifter are :

  • Squeaking or clicking noises when the glass is being raised or lowered ;
  • A rise or fall of the glass in slow motion ;
  • The window does not move when the window lifter is activated ;
  • The glass does not go down or does not go up completely or not at all.

If you hear the noise of the window lifter engine but the window does not move, this is a sign of a failure in the mechanism. In case of complete absence of noise, the engine must then be replaced.

On the other hand, if the glass goes down but does not go up, it is surely due to a connection problem at the level of a fuse or an electrical harness.

To repair a HS window regulator, it will then be necessary to disassemble the device to check the condition of the various elements.

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👨 🔧 How to change a window regulator?

change window lifter

In the event of a defective window regulator, it is important to change it quickly. Indeed, a failure of the latter can disrupt the movement of the glass which can then remain blocked and no longer rise for example. The interior of your vehicle will then be completely exposed to bad weather as well as theft.

Necessary equipment :

Step 1: Disassemble the door panel [ ⚓ anchor “step1”]

disassemble the door

To be able to access the window regulator, you must first disassemble the door panel. To do this, you need to disassemble the rearview mirror cover, the contour of the handle and the speaker cover with a screwdriver. Also disassemble the speaker.

Step 2: Disassemble the window regulator [ ancre anchor “step2”]

disassemble the window regulator

Then use the drill to drill the rivets that hold the window regulator rails in place on the inside side of the door. Detach the electrical wires that are located under the motor and disconnect the power lug. Finally, gently disassemble the window regulator so as not to damage the electrical cables.

Step 3: Reassemble the window regulator [ ancre anchor “step3”]

reassemble the window regulator

After the window regulator is disassembled, change the necessary elements: motor or mechanism. Then reassemble the window regulator by placing the electrical cables correctly. Use the rivet pliers to reattach the rails and the motor then reassemble all the elements that you had to disassemble. Finally, check that the window regulator is working properly again.

💰 How much does a window regulator cost?

window lifter price

The price of an electric window regulator varies from 60 to 130 $ depending on the model and the type of mechanism. Also count the price of labor which depends on the garage and the time required to disassemble the various elements. This price usually ranges from $70 to $200.

The window regulator is therefore an essential device that makes it possible to ventilate and renew the air inside the vehicle. The current models of window lifters are mainly electric. In case of failure of the window regulator, it will then be necessary to change the engine or the mechanism.

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