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How to repair a broken window? How to replace a cracked glass? How to change a broken tile yourself? A window that slams a little too hard, a misdirected balloon or even an involuntary shock and your window shatters. At best, it cracks. But the consequences are the same: it is necessary to replace the glass as soon as possible. The cold and the noises take advantage of this to infiltrate the interior. The complete guide to find out the price of replacing a glazing and the repair work of a broken glass.

Summary of the article

When to replace a damaged glazing unit?

When a glazing is damaged, it is not necessary to change the entire window. A simple replacement of the broken glass with a new one is enough to enjoy a carpentry like new. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to delay replacing damaged glazing to avoid future problems: moisture, water infiltration or even poor insulation.

So we can ask ourselves the question of when to replace a glass. Several scenarios may arise, necessarily resulting in a change of glazing. Here are the cases that force you to replace a damaged glazing as soon as possible :

  • Broken glass: It is obvious that you cannot keep a glass with a hole in it. Not only does the air enter your house, but in addition, you can injure yourself with the glass shards that have remained hanging on the window jamb
  • Cracked glass: Unfortunately, there is no system to repair cracks in a glass as is done for impacts on the windshield of cars. The structure of the glass being weakened in addition, it risks breaking at any time. So it’s dangerous. Inevitably, it will be necessary to change the glass.
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation: in renovation, it is often advisable to change the windows that have undergone the passage of time. Often too thin and with insulation flaws, the windows must be replaced. The most frequent cases to find out if your windows need to be changed are the presence of a cold wall, condensation or even a draft closed window.

price replace broken glass

How much does it cost to replace a broken or cracked glass? If the glass of your window is broken, it is not necessary to change the entire window. A glazier will be able to replace the broken glass with a new one easily. The price of replacing a broken glass varies from $ 100 to $ 200 depending on the glazing.

Price factors for changing a glass

When it is necessary to change a window, the price inexorably comes to the center of discussions. Especially since the cost of repairing and changing a window pane can be high. You should know that the price of a glass depends on several factors that will affect the final bill up or down.

Also, here are the criteria that must be taken into account for the price of a glazing :

  • The condition of the window: should the glass simply be changed or should the joinery also be replaced? In the latter case, find out about the price of installing a window.
  • The dimensions of the glass: a glass of standard dimensions will cost you less to replace than a bay window
  • The type of glazing: you should know that there are different types of glazing that grants more or less good sound and acoustic insulation. There are generally 3 of them :
    • The single glazing: not very thick and cheap, but a disaster in terms of thermal and sound insulation. It comes in a single sheet of 4 to 6 millimeters thick. It is very common in old houses, but tends to disappear.
    • The double glazing: it has a correct insulation for an affordable price. It is presented as a sandwich: two sheets of glass of 4 mm each with a gap of 16 mm between them. The vacuum can also be filled with gas.
    • Triple glazing: it is obviously the best glazing for acoustic and thermal insulation, but its price is higher. As you will have understood, triple glazing is the same principle as that of double glazing, but it is a three-ply sandwich.
    • The tempered glass: it is extremely resistant and does not break. During an impact, it cracks into small pieces, but remains integral with the entire glass. The risks of cutting are therefore eliminated. It is usually used for doors.
    • The laminated glass: it is again a kind of sandwich. But between the two panes slips a PVB sheet made of vinyl polybutyral, with a standard thickness of 0.38 mm. This PVB sheet is unbreakable. Laminated glass is reputed to be burglar-proof.
    • Organic glass: composed of synthetic material, organic glass is 2.5 times lighter than ordinary silicon glass and much less fragile.

    In summary, the cost of work to change a broken glass depends essentially on the type of glazing, the surface of the glass and in the event that you go through a craftsman, the rate of the hired glazier. To estimate the budget necessary to install a new window, the best solution is to compare the prices of several glaziers by making a request for a broken glass replacement quote :

    What is the price of a broken glass replacement?

    You have understood, the price of a broken glass replacement is not as simple as that to determine and depends on many factors. On average, you have to count on a price between $ 120 and $ 200 for the replacement and repair of a broken glass. This amount includes the removal of the cracked or broken glass, the preparation of the window and the installation of the new glass with double glazing by a building craftsman.

    To give you a more precise price range, here are the average prices found for the replacement of a glass :

    • Price of a new glass per m2: between 40 and 60 $ per m2. This price includes the supply of the glass, the removal of the old glass and the installation of the new glass.
    • Price depending on the type of glazing (excluding installation) :
      • Single glazing: between 20 and 25 $ per m2.
      • Double glazing: between 45 and 130 $ per m2.
      • Triple glazing: between 65 $ and 185 $ per m2.

      However, be aware that if your insurance policy covers the breakage of ice in your home insurance and you are forced to replace a window broken unintentionally by a balloon or an impact, your insurer may cover all or part of the bill. Your insurer can therefore reimburse you for the amount of the work thanks to the ice breakage guarantee.

      How to repair a broken window yourself?

      It is possible to repair a broken glass yourself as long as you pay attention to glass breakage and respect certain rules. The technique of installing a new pane of glass on a window is within the reach of all do-it-yourselfers. In addition, carrying out the work yourself saves the glazier’s price. Here is the guide to learn how to replace a glass step by step.

      Remove debris and prepare the window

      If you want to change your ice cream yourself, you will first have to think about sealing the opening in order to limit the air inlets. For this, you will equip yourself with thick gloves and a hammer. Knock on the pieces still hanging from the window and remove all the ice breaks that remain. It is necessary to remove the broken glass carefully so as not to cut yourself.

      Once the debris has been removed from the window jamb, rub the seal or sealant to leave the frame completely clean and ready to receive the new glass. Once this is done, all you have to do is put in place a polyane film. To do this, take the measurement leaving a margin of 4 to 6 cm and tape it to the edges of the window.

      Installation of the new glass

      Then, you will have to go to your DIY store with the exact measurements of the glass. To do this, measure exactly starting from the rabbet. Then, all you have to do is move on to the pose. To do this, you will proceed as follows :

      1. Unfasten the leaf and put it on trestles.
      2. Once again, conscientiously clean the border of the frame ready to accommodate the glass in order to ensure a perfect seal.
      3. Form small balls of mastic in your fingers to tenderize them and place them along the rabbet to form a cord.
      4. Smooth with the putty knife.
      5. Put the glass down.
      6. Put down the glazier’s points: these are small nails that come into the rabbet in order to fix the glass. They should not be completely sunken, but also should not protrude from the putty.
      7. Apply a second coat of putty to the glazier tips.
      8. Let the putty dry and replace the sash.

      Double and triple glazing require a technicality and an important material. In fact, only professionals can place them. For more details, here is a video tutorial that shows you the steps to renovate a window with broken glass :

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