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Repair broken glass (more than 2 square meters)

The securing of a broken window is a process which consists in removing and ridding the rest of the broken glass on the frame, to then install a plastic film or a plywood of the same sizes as the opening, in order to temporarily secure access.

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A BROKEN WINDOW, Need repair for a broken glass?

Have you been the victim of an attempted break-in? Have children intentionally thrown their ball straight towards your window? Did your window break due to a draft or a branch that was thrown into it? You must secure your window without further delay to prevent moisture from spreading into the house, and shelter yourself from the cold. Also be careful of glass breakages that may injure your children.

This kind of situation happens accidentally, and happens when you least expect it. Panic often takes over and we practically forget the first steps to take in the face of these moments of fright.

It doesn’t matter! Let a professional come to your aid. 24/24 and 7/7, Bricopanne intervenes at your home to solve any problem. Our team of highly qualified glazing experts will take care of securing your glazing in record time.


Zoom in on the actions taken by a professional convenience store in broken glass

Bricopanne chooses the best technician for you. This one arrives at your home quickly in order to help you out as soon as possible. His mission will be to carry out a temporary repair of your glazing in order to put you in safety, while waiting for a new glass to be installed.

The convenience store will begin its intervention by cleaning the window jamb. To do this, he removes the residual glass debris, either manually or by means of a hammer.

In order not to leave a gap on the opening, he will install a plywood or a fiber board cut according to the dimensions of the window frame. To hold the panel in place, the technician will use glazier’s tips. After this first step, he will take care of installing the new glazing for a final repair of the window.

Broken windows always require emergency repair. Count on Bricopanne to put the security of your home in order quickly. Trust one of our trusted convenience stores


During the order, the customer must mention the payment method that suits him and validate his payment to trigger the sending of a technician.


We know that unforeseen events of this kind have a big impact on a family’s monthly budget. And that this unexpected expense risks upsetting the budget to the point of depriving you of certain privileges. That is why we want to offer you competitive prices while focusing on the quality of the service provided.

We guarantee the absolute transparency of our prices. No more unpleasant surprises at the time of payment of the invoice. You will only pay the amount that we have announced to you with all the details (services, travel expenses, parts).

Bricopanne especially wants everything to be clear and clear. In front of the troubleshooting scams that keep multiplying, this is our way to remedy them and win the trust of our customers.

We take everything in hand, you will only be there to admire the work once finished. Ranging from diagnosis to payment of the invoice, we take precedence over clarity, guarantee, and security to give you a better picture of home troubleshooting.

Let’s build a bond of trust between us!


1) Actions to be taken to deal with an accident causing ice breakage

The first reflex to have is to collect the pieces of glass on the ground around and below the window before someone passes by and gets hurt. Do not forget to put on protective gloves to protect yourself from the risk of cuts. Then, throw the glass debris in the outdoor trash can, away from children.

Be careful, in case of cracked glazing, it is forbidden to touch the glass! It may break at any moment. It is wise to contact a professional in glassware.

2) Does my home property and casualty insurance take effect in this kind of situation?

Generally, the insurance covers the accident of broken glass via the “Broken glass” guarantee. Whether the breakage concerns a glazed interior door, a window, a window, or a bay window, the warranty takes into account any damage of broken glass found. Contact your insurer to take advantage of your benefits. The costs of repairing the glazing are normally reimbursed by your home insurance.

3) Installation of a temporary protection for the safety of the window: what should not be neglected

Before proceeding to the installation of the plywood or fiber panel on the frame, remember to check if the frame is clean, and to do the necessary if it is not yet the case.

For cleaning, it is enough to proceed to scraping the joint residues if you have double glazing, or putty if it is a single glazing.

The change of the amount of the window is essential only when it is no longer functional.

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