Repair broken glass

Repair or Replace a Broken Glass

Did one of your windows just break? Whether it is a simple glazing, or a more specific glass such as double glazing, our glaziers can intervene at your home today. Domestic accident or bad weather, this repair will be covered by your home or commercial insurance. All the steps with your insurance will be taken care of by your glazier: your insurance deductible will even be refunded! (under conditions). So don’t wait for a bad draft to break other windows in your home and call us. Our windows are manufactured in one of our workshops in Ile de France.

We intervene immediately

Always on the move to be as close to you as possible as quickly as possible. Our glaziers are constantly in interventions and thus have all the necessary equipment to secure your broken glass (temporary veneer with wood panel), and, insofar as the size of the glass is not too large, a simple glass stock for immediate replacement and identical. In the case of a custom-made glass (which is the case for large volumes or more specific types of glass), our glaziers have access to our manufacturing workshop as soon as possible to replace your broken glass within 24 hours.

Choosing us is the guarantee of a quick pick-up by:

  • our glaziers who can be at your home in a few minutes
  • your insurance, which knows our seriousness and validates all of our (free) quotes for several years.

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Our Glaziers are at your disposal from Monday to Friday, from 7:00 to 21:00.

Your Glazier For Any Broken Glass

On average, a Usa household finds itself with a broken window in its home once every 3 years. Due to the rarity of the event, you might as well make sure to choose a glazier who has the necessary experience to meet your needs in the right way and quickly. In constant contact with your home or professional insurance, Glazier Insurance guarantees you a quick and without paying a penny: your insurance deductible will be reimbursed.

The intervention on a broken glass usually takes place in the following way:

  1. Cleaning of the frame so as not to have a risk of cutting
  2. Temporary veneer using a wood panel if your new glass is custom-made
  3. Installation of a new glass and puttying if necessary (wooden frame)
  4. Cleaning of your new window and waste management according to environmental standards

All of these steps are purely indicative. Indeed, according to us, each situation is different and it is up to our glaziers to adapt to your context (young children, broken window for a store, high floors …).

The Temporary Veneer To Put You In Safety

When you have a broken window, the first thing to do is to think about safety. Indeed, it may be that some piece of glass is still attached to the frame and these can cause serious cuts. Be careful, just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean there’s no danger: on the contrary, the smallest pieces can cause real injuries.

Your glazier must absolutely, and first of all, put you in safety by installing a temporary veneer. This term refers to the installation of a wooden surface a few millimeters thick in place of the broken glass.

This veneer is said to be temporary because it gives your glazier time to cut a custom-made glass on site (if he has the necessary stock) or to manufacture your custom-made double-glazing in one of our workshops.

Remember that in the event of a broken window in a place open to the public (commercial establishment for example), your responsibility is engaged if it happens that a person is injured because of a broken window without protection.

Manufacture Of Your Glass Directly In Our Workshops

Some glasses, such as simple glasses of small dimensions, can normally be replaced directly and on the spot: the glazier has large volumes ready for use where he can cut on the spot, the simple glass to be replaced. However, in some cases, custom-made manufacturing must be carried out:

  • very important glass size
  • particular type of glass (tinted glass, double glazing, triple glazing, safety glass …)
  • particular shape of the glass (diamond cut, beveled glass …)

In these cases, our glazier will put you in safety with a temporary veneer and then take the steps to ask the workshop closest to you to manufacture the requested glass in a tailor-made and in a limited time (24 to 48 hours). Upon reception by our glazier, we install your new glass on the existing frame.

Replace a broken glass during the day

To replace a broken glass during the day it is necessary:

  • A glazier available immediately
  • The glass in stock or the ability to make it during the day
  • All the necessary personnel and equipment
  • A quick pick-up by your insurance

For all types of glass (single pane, double glazing, triple glazing, laminated glass …), correct measurements or measurements must be taken. In addition, safety is very often essential: if a child cuts himself there or if a customer (in the case of a store and a broken window) is injured there, the consequences can be catastrophic. Your responsibility may be engaged.

Intervene quickly, secure the framing, take the measures and replace your glass immediately or within 24 hours, while taking care of the exchanges with your insurance: this is our job.

In most cases, your glass is a standard glass (such as a simple glass for example): in this case, our glaziers have a stock of glass available in their trucks or on their desks for immediate replacement. Measurement, cutting and replacement can be done in less than an hour.

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