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Repairing mosquito nets: how to save money without replacing them

how to repair mosquito nets

How to repair broken mosquito nets? Read the Windowo guide!

What is essential, especially during the warmer seasons, is to be able to keep insects away from your cozy little nest, so it is of fundamental importance to check for broken mosquito nets.

Sometimes, due to external or internal agents or negligence, small or even large holes can form on the mesh or damage the support profile. This is a serious problem, capable of canceling all the protective effect guaranteed by the frame and promoting a preferential route for insects inside your home, causing unpleasant surprises.

Do you want to remedy this situation?

  • Mosquito nets with small holes
  • Mosquito nets with small irregular holes
  • Torn mosquito nets

Broken mosquito nets: small holes

Repairing mosquito nets that have small holes is very easy. The important thing is to do it as soon as possible and not to underestimate the situation. Staying inactive can promote an increase in the size of the lesion, which can degenerate into a tear.

Therefore, follow the advice and start the repair.

What do you need to repair the small holes in the broken mosquito nets?

  1. Professional glue for the repair of PVC inflatable boats
  2. Fine brush (optional)

Hole repair procedure:

  1. Cleaning . First of all, I always advise you to thoroughly clean the area of the broken mosquito net, otherwise the dirt can ruin the final result of the repair. If you are looking for tips, read our article on how to clean the mosquito net.
  2. Prepare the area. Then straighten the broken threads at the edges of the mesh hole, so that you can create a support area to apply glue between the two ends.
  3. Paste . Use the sticky substance on the wound contour with a thin brush to facilitate the application.
  4. Let it dry. Your broken mosquito net will be like new.

Repair mosquito nets: small irregular holes

If your broken mosquito net has small holes with irregular edges, it may be difficult to glue the two ends of the hole without leaving holes.

For this, there is a solution.

What you need to fix small uneven holes on mosquito nets :

  • Adhesive tape for mosquito nets
  • Scissors
  • Metre

Procedure for closing irregular holes

  1. Cleaning . Especially in the presence of adhesive tape, cleaning is essential to prevent the dirt from remaining permanently trapped behind the adhesive end.
  2. Cut and paste. After measuring the width of the hole in the broken mosquito net, cut a rectangular piece of adhesive tape larger than the space to be covered, about 3-4 centimeters larger, and place it on the lesion.

Broken mosquito nets: medium or large tears

When the situation is more complex and now the insects are flying freely around your house, you need to repair the mosquito nets in a more incisive way to avoid replacing them entirely.

What equipment do you need to repair torn mosquito nets?

  1. Half-moon needle or tweezers
  2. Net for mosquito net
  3. Wireless
  4. Seamstress measuring tape
  5. Masking tape (paper)
  6. Scissors

Procedure for repairing tears on mosquito nets :

1. Choose the patch The first thing to do before repairing mosquito nets with medium holes is to measure the width of the hole and buy a mesh larger than the tear in question. After that, a patch should be applied to prevent access to insects.

Look for a type of replacement mosquito net of the same model as your mosquito net, so that you can superimpose the two mosquito nets and obtain a better aesthetic effect.

The next step to repair the broken mosquito net is to prepare the base on which to go and intervene with the needle or tweezers, to be used to attach the patch to your net.

2. Pull the threads from the patch Start by pulling the outer threads around the edges of the patch to create an inch or two of fiber fringe on each side.

3. Fold the threads Next, fold the tapered threads on all four sides of the patch to create straight and sharp angles.

4. Place the patch Place the patch on the hole of the broken mosquito net and continue by sewing the two ends using a needle and thread.

5. Sew the patch At this stage, it is necessary to pass the thread through the mesh of the net following a zigzag stitch . You can use any type of line for this operation, although the most recommended is the fishing line, as it is very resistant and invisible.

You can work either with the broken mosquito net in an upright position on the frame, or disassemble the mosquito net and operate on an airplane.

If you opt for the first choice, it may be more complicated to work on installing the patch. To do this, help yourself by temporarily fixing one of its ends on the mosquito net with paper adhesive tape, so as to always stay in place.

6. Secure the patch It is very important to secure the patch well, so that it remains flat on the screen, because the closer the two ends are, the better the result.

After working on one side, move to the other side of the mosquito net, using tweezers to bend the fringes and further secure the patch in place.

In this way it is fixed and, if you need more security, you can proceed by applying a light layer of glue.

Repair mosquito nets: structure

As the popularity of mosquito nets increases, it is more and more useful for homeowners to know how to manage and repair them when needed. Often the main problems associated with the repair of mosquito nets are due to the tearing of the mosquito nets, especially if you have live animals at home. What if, on the contrary, the discomfort came from the structure?

Edge of the broken aluminum mosquito net

Often, to clean or for routine maintenance, it is necessary to remove the luminaires. And even in case of breakage, it is necessary to repair the mosquito nets thanks to spare parts that must be removed and replaced.

This is a very simple operation that requires some precautions, such as memorizing the position of the screws and components. A quick and easy job that allows you to keep insects away thanks to your effective ally: your mosquito net.

Broken roller mosquito net

A more complex work turns out to be that of roller mosquito nets, because it is a more bulky structure that requires the identification of the problem. There are, in fact, a multitude of cases that can determine its malfunction: the breakage of a tensioner or a hook, or even the spring that allows the mosquito net to be recovered.

Once the error has been detected, you must purchase valid spare parts for the roll-up mosquito net.

Remember that not all parts are the same, for example some mosquito nets have a different shaped hook. Therefore, be sure to purchase a compatible replacement before proceeding with the repair of mosquito nets, replacing damaged parts.

What do you need to repair a roller mosquito net?

  • Normal and Phillips screwdrivers
  • Spare parts
  • Clamp

Procedure for fixing the roller of mosquito nets :

  1. Remove the side rails. If your mosquito net is broken due to roller problems, you will first have to remove the side rails, where the net slides up and down, using a screwdriver to disassemble them.
  2. Remove the roll. Then, with tight pliers, pull the side guides that hold the roller in place, then pry down. In this way, the roller can be detached from the wall and, by fixing itself on a plane, we can work on the malfunction in a targeted way.
  3. Operate on the roller. With a phillips screwdriver, work on the roller, remove the clips that block the thread and pay attention to the internal spring.

Our advice

Taking care of your mosquito net is very important, so we recommend that you regularly carry out annual checks to check the health status of the mosquito net and the profile.

Sometimes snags can occur with problems due to nails and it is necessary to restore the weld in order to avoid breaking the mesh. Other times, to avoid unpleasant problems, it is necessary to oil the rails of the sliding mosquito nets with lubricants. This movement, in the spring protections, is attenuated thanks to the presence of a brake, so as to limit the continuous violent stresses of the spring. This action is essential to ensure the operation and safety of the spring mosquito net.

In addition, on Windowo, you can find mosquito nets of excellent workmanship, resistant and with the minimum risk of breakage. In addition, for any problems and tears, you just have to disassemble your mosquito net, send it to Windowo and we will take care of everything. Your mosquito net is shipped to the manufacturer at no additional cost and the price is based on the repair only.

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