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3 factors that influence the price of a window repair

What is the price to have a window repaired?

What are our Window repair prices in 2022 in Boston and Ile de France

Simple unlocking of a window 90$TTC*
Repair cremona pvc window from 160$ TTC*
Broken pvc window handle from 110$ TTC*
Fogged double glazing from 180$ TTC*
Roof window from 90$ TTC*
Other works On Quotation

* Price “includes travel + 1 hour Mo + room”

Prices for the replacement of a glass or a window tile in Boston and its region

The most common damage is broken glass. Whether your double or triple glazing is broken, cracked or there is a large hole in the glass of your windows, this is the type of replacement work that you must carry out without delay. Fortunately, any window can be the subject of a glass replacement. And it is an excellent option for owners or tenants who fear that the entire window will have to be renewed.

  • Price change glass and clear transparent glazing thickness 3mm on wooden frame including putty from 150 euros including VAT< 1M²
  • Price replacement glass and printed glass thickness 4 mm type G2OO, Listral, Cathedral from 150 euros including VAT< 1M²
  • Cost of changing double glazed window on PVC or Aluminum frame Type: 4/ 6/12 /4 clear from from 180$ euros including VAT< 1M²

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If it is indeed always possible to make a glass replacement on a window of any type, there are however some aspects to know. The most important thing is that the replacement of the glass may not be the only damaged element and that it may be necessary to look for repair parts for the chassis.

If you need a window repair, do not hesitate to contact our carpenter / glazier service in Boston and its region. We will provide you with a free quote.

How do window repairers set their prices?

It is important to emphasize right away that a professional glazier does not benefit from the cost of the work indicated to you. This amount represents his income and a portion of the operating costs of his establishment. Nowadays, operating a PVC chassis breakdown service is an initiative that involves significant expenses.

Beyond the price of the physical structure, the tools and equipment necessary for the work of replacing broken glazing, installing seals and insulation, window door locks can easily require a significant investment.

It is better to repair your window than to replace it.

When your windows are fogged up, they are leaking, it is cold, they are cracked or broken, or they do not fulfill their role, you may be wondering about the advisability of repairing or replacing them.

It is a delicate decision that is based on the idea that the price factor is a problem. Indeed, all the parameters remaining equal, it is likely that most consumers will choose replacement rather than repair. But the price is the main criterion that makes this choice a real dilemma. Since new windows cost between 500 euros and 1200 euros or more to install, an entire house equipped with new windows can end up being very expensive.

Repair then appears as the most realistic solution “except that repair is not always possible with most windows”. A professional and experienced carpenter / glazier is indeed able to obtain parts and repair old windows. Unfortunately, in recent years, many window manufacturers have changed the types of parts and components, which can increase the price and the level of difficulty in finding them.

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The labor rates of window repair in a nutshell.

The labor rates for window repair vary enormously throughout the national territory, and even within the same agglomeration. Even if many individuals believe that the prices of window repair craftsmen are very high, the majority are actually within the norm of the profession.

To allow you to better understand the labor costs of window repair work, and to feel more able to pay the amount that you have earned so hard, we present here some of the main factors on which window repair companies rely to establish their labor prices :

  • the cost of labor and local services
  • The brands and models of windows
  • Type of repair shop (SME and SMI, independent craftsman, etc.)
  • General expenses of the company (tools, training of repair and renovation technicians, equipment, advertising, etc.)
  • the skill levels and certifications of window door repair technicians.

Window repair: find out about the prices of exterior carpentry professionals.

Whatever the repair to be carried out on your window, a professional is obliged to provide you with a quote. The latter offers you to find out precisely what the operation will cost you, but also the details of this price, between the purchase of the parts to be replaced, the hourly labor rate, or even VAT.

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