House window repair

    Maintenance of the carpentry to prevent its degradation: greasing of the hinges, cleaning, replacement of a small part…

Our guide to window repair

Of course, outdated windows that no longer perform their insulating role must be replaced entirely. But in case of broken glass or damaged seal, there is no need to change the entire joinery! Repair is then the ideal option.

On the other hand, it is not because minor damage does not lead to heavy work that they should be taken lightly. Poorly carried out or late repairs can actually make your joinery defective, irreversibly. To be able to repair your windows both correctly and quickly, here are the essentials of what you need to know on the subject!

When to repair a window?

In the event of a failure or technical problem on your joinery, it is not always easy to choose between repair and replacement.

Generally speaking, when the frame (fixed part) or the sash (movable part) is damaged to the point of letting air, cold and moisture pass through, the replacement of your windows is necessary.

But when the problem concerns only part of the carpentry, the repair is sufficient, provided that your window is not outdated!

Thus, you can consider repairing your windows in the different scenarios below :

  • Worn gaskets
  • Defective window hinges
  • Broken glazing
  • Damaged accessories or small pieces of hardware (shutters, handle, hinge, rail …)
  • Problem between the window and the rail
  • Faulty opening and closing mechanism
  • Light leaks

In addition, the windows have a limited service life: it is 15 years for wooden windows, 25 to 30 years for aluminum windows, and more than 30 years for PVC windows. As for the hinges, hinges and locks, they must be replaced every 5 to 10 years!

To extend the life of your windows, and strengthen both the insulation and the security of your home, regular maintenance is necessary (especially on wooden models).

How to repair or unlock a window?

Whether it is your windows (fixed, swinging, sliding. ) or your Usa windows, any failure on the product entails an adapted intervention :

Faulty opening and closing systems

If your glass is simply scratched, glass wool or ash may be enough to reduce the depth of the scratches. On the other hand, a split glass loses its insulating and securing function, allows moisture to enter your home and can cause irreversible water infiltration: in this case, replacement is in order!

Who can repair a defective window or Usa door?

Do repairs to a window have to be taken care of by the tenant or the landlord? What are the advantages of using a qualified professional? Let’s take stock of the repairs!

Repair of a defective mechanism: at the expense of the tenant or the owner?

In case of obsolescence of the carpentry, the repair or replacement of windows, Usa doors, locks and glazing are the responsibility of the owner. Indeed, the obsolescence is due to wear and tear, or to a defect in the installation of carpentry.

On the other hand, the tenant must maintain the carpentry, insofar as he is the one who occupies the accommodation. With this in mind, some repairs are considered to be carpentry maintenance operations. Thus, the operations at the expense of the tenant are the following :

    Maintenance of the carpentry to prevent its degradation: greasing of the hinges, cleaning, replacement of a small part…

Call a professional for window troubleshooting

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, and you have the necessary equipment and knowledge, you can repair your carpentry on your own.

But if this is not the case, you can also choose to call on a qualified craftsman, depending on the part of the carpentry concerned :

  • A carpenter for the frame or the joints.
  • A glazier for glazing, braces…
  • A locksmith for the handle or locks.
  • A company specialized in renovation for carpentry as a whole.

By calling on an RGE certified craftsman (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment), you are certain to undertake repair work in compliance with current standards. In addition, the craftsman can intervene quickly on a joinery, since he has all the necessary skills and repair equipment!

What is the price for repairing a window?

In general, repair is a less expensive intervention than replacing a window. However, the cost of a repair depends on the state of degradation of the carpentry, the material, the type of window, as well as the nature of the service :

Repair or replacement of fittings / hardware (hinges, hinges, hinges …)

Unlike the replacement of windows, the repair does not entitle to financial aid from the State, such as MaPrimeRénov’ or Energy Saving Certificates.

Nevertheless, in the event of break-ins or deliberate damage, your home insurance can of course cover part of the repair work!

In short, the repair of the defective part of a window makes it possible to avoid the degradation of the carpentry as a whole, and consequently, its subsequent replacement (installation in renovation or total removal). Generally more economical than the change of carpentry, the repair is sufficient in case of minor damage!

However, do not hesitate to compare the costs between replacing and repairing a window: it is possible that there is not a big difference in price between the two operations, or that the replacement is even less expensive than repairing the carpentry. In this case, opt for replacing the old one with a new, more efficient joinery, which will allow you to achieve significant energy savings in the long term.

A dedicated study manager accompanies you from the elaboration of the estimate with the deducted aids until the realization of your works by a local craftsman RGE.

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