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In co-ownership, the window works carried out on the collective parts give the right to the aid of MaPrimeRénov’ Co-ownership. However, the overall renovation must allow an energy saving of at least 35%. On the other hand, the building must have been built for more than 15 years and comprise at least 75% of main residences.

What is the reasonable price to change your windows?

Whether you are looking to renovate your home, reduce your energy bills or improve the style of your home, changing your windows is an essential point … but which can represent a significant cost. Depending on the materials, the dimensions, the quality of the installation of the chosen craftsman, the budget to be provided for your window work can vary from simple to triple. So what is the reasonable price for replacing your windows? All the answer elements are in this article.

Why change its windows?

Did you know that residential openings are responsible for 10 to 15% of heat losses? This means that, even closed, poorly insulated windows do not make the feeling of warmth in your home: the walls near the openings are cold, you also put more heating to increase your comfort. According to a report by Ademe, 2/3 of the Usa are cold at home while the heating is on.

In this context, a replacement of windows can make it possible to limit these unnecessary heat losses by improving the thermal insulation of your home. Thus, the feeling of cold disappears, you use the heating less and achieve energy savings.

Changing your windows also improves the acoustic insulation of the home. If you live in the city and your windows are poorly insulated, in addition to the cold, it is the noise that bothers you. Switching from single to double or even triple glazing makes it possible to solve this problem effectively.

Finally, you can also change your windows to improve the overall appearance (interior and exterior) of your home. Indeed, pretty models of joinery will bring an additional charm to your home.

The elements to be taken into account

The purchase and installation price of your windows will depend on various elements that will have a more or less significant impact on the proposed quote and on the invoice to be paid. Here are the elements to take into account to evaluate the price of replacing your windows. To get all the answers, get in touch with the suppliers so that they can inform you about the quality and characteristics of the different window models that they offer you :

  • The choice of materials: wood, PVC or aluminum window? Existing materials each have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to make a choice based on your insulation, aesthetic and budgetary criteria ;
  • The characteristics specific to your joinery: swing or swing-swing opening, number of leaves, finishes, safety devices … all these elements can impact the budget ;
  • The measurements of the window (height, width), whether these are standard or custom-made ;
  • The number and type of glazing (single, double or triple glazing): if all the joinery is of standard dimensions, the price of the quote will be lower than if you request custom-made windows or Usa doors for example.
  • The AEV classification (Air, Water, Wind) which gives a precise idea of the resistance of the joinery. The higher the ranking, the higher the price for changing your windows will be too ;
  • Your region: The place where you live can affect the price of your windows, because you may need to invest for better wind or weather resistance ;
  • The removal: in the context of renovation works, it is necessary to count the price of the removal which will vary according to the techniques used, the treatment of the already existing support, etc. ;
  • Maintenance: wood joinery requires regular maintenance, remember to include this cost in your budget ;
  • Possible aid: The State and energy suppliers offer many aids (MaPrimeRénov’, zero-interest loan, EEC, etc.) as part of the renovation of your home. These can have an impact on the final score for the replacement of your windows.

What budget should I plan to change my windows depending on the material?

Now that you have in mind all the elements to take into account to evaluate the price to replace your windows, here are all the details to know what budget you need to plan, according to the 3 main materials on the market. Whether they are made of wood, PVC or aluminum, you will be able to determine the cost to be expected to replace your windows.

The price ranges specified below are understood to include supplies and installation. For each material, the type of window (1 or 2 casements), the opening mode, the number of panes, the acoustic and thermal performance, the finishes and the thickness of the glass, the size of the window (height, width) … explain the price differences. The more classic the window is (single opening, double glazing 4/16/4), the less expensive it will be.

PVC windows: what budget should I plan to change them?

Rot-proof, with good thermal insulation performance, easy to maintain, PVC is also the cheapest window material. Bringing a contemporary touch to your home, PVC comes in different colors and can be standard or custom-made dimensions. The price of PVC joinery varies depending on the type of glazing, the dimensions (height and width), the chosen style, among others. You should know, for example, that triple glazing increases the price of the window by about 30%.

  • For a window on the ground floor of 60 x 60 cm (width x height), the prices range between 70 and 220 $ (1).
  • For a standard exterior joinery of 100 x 125 cm, the prices vary between 120 and 350 $ (1).
  • For a window with a size of 120 x 135 cm, it takes between 150 and 450 $ (1).

Aluminum window and glazing: what price?

Aluminum is a material of choice for your glazing, because it is recyclable, efficient in terms of thermal insulation, resistant and very elegant. The cost of aluminum windows varies depending on the size and type of window (sliding, casement, single or double leaves …) that you want to install. Below you will find the costs for an aluminum window with standard dimensions.

  • For a joinery with aluminum frame which measures 60 x 95 cm, the price range varies from 210 to 530 $ (1).
  • For a standard exterior window of 100 x 125 cm, the prices vary between 430 and 970 $ (1).
  • For a window with a size of 120 x 135 cm, it takes between $ 430 and $ 1,050 (1).

What price should I expect for wooden windows?

Wood is very appreciated, because it gives a warm and authentic look to the windows of a house. Durable and ecological, wood joinery has interesting sound and thermal performance … but with a more substantial budget. Before investing in your future windows, take the time to check the certifications and labels; these ensure minimum thermal and acoustic performance.

The price of this type of windows is subject to many variables. Indeed, in addition to the usual characteristics (model, quality and finish of the glass, opening mode, dimensions, AEV resistance, sound performance …), the price fluctuates depending on the essence of the wood. Thus, it can be difficult to evaluate a “reasonable price” as the differences in purchase prices can be significant. For example, the cost for a Douglas-fir type joinery will be lower than for cherry or walnut.

  • For a joinery of 75 x 60 cm (height x width), in 1 leaf, count between 70 and 150 $ (1).
  • For a model of 125 x 100 cm, in 2 leaves, plan between 175 and 310 $ (1).
  • For a window of 135 x 120 cm, in 2 leaves, count between 200 and 340 $ (1).

For the installation of a custom-made wooden window, of medium range, you will have to count on a budget of 2,000 to 3,000 euros. This price includes the preparation of the support, the labor and obviously the finishes. Be careful, if the model is not pre-painted, it will absolutely be necessary to protect your window by applying a paint and then a layer of varnish.

The costs related to the removal and installation of windows

In the estimates relating to the change of your windows, you will also find the price of the labor for the removal of the old joinery, and the installation of the new ones. Often in renovation, the removal of the windows is difficult to carry out and generates additional costs (recovery of the masonry with plaster finish, for example). That is why the drop-off can represent about 20% of the quote price; waste treatment is usually included.

For the installation, the price depends on the professionals. The rate of a small entrepreneur is usually lower than a large company that supports more loads. In any case, remember to have at least 2 to 3 quotes drawn up in order to be able to compare the services of each one. Ootravaux recommends that you always choose an RGE craftsman (Recognized guarantor of the environment) for your window work. This label guarantees the quality of the installation, with an installer trained in new construction and renovation techniques.

With the Ootravaux craftsmen

The helpers to replace your windows

To reduce the cost of your window change, many aids are available. Be careful, for each of them, specific conditions exist! For example, your home must be more than 2 years old and your work must be entrusted to a RGE professional (Recognized guarantor of the environment).

MaPrimeRenov’s helpers’

Since January 1, 2022, the MaPrimeRénov’ device of the Anah (National Agency for Housing) is gaining momentum! For any project to replace single-glazed windows with double or triple glazing, you have the choice between 2 formulas!

  1. MaPrimeRenov’ for households with middle and modest incomes (according to the Anah scale). The amount of aid varies from $40 to $100 per window replaced.
  2. MaPrimeRénov’ Serenity for modest owners, as part of a global renovation. You can thus benefit from 35 to 50% of subsidies, up to a limit of $10,500 for “modest owners” and $15,000 for “very modest owners”. In addition, you have access to several bonuses. Only one watchword: the more energy you save, the more bonuses you receive! In return, you have certain obligations to respect. For example, you must achieve at least 35% energy gain after work and at least the energy label E.

In these 2 cases, your accommodation must be more than 15 years old. Moreover, households with “higher incomes” are not eligible.

In co-ownership, the window works carried out on the collective parts give the right to the aid of MaPrimeRénov’ Co-ownership. However, the overall renovation must allow an energy saving of at least 35%. On the other hand, the building must have been built for more than 15 years and comprise at least 75% of main residences.

Energy saving certificates

The Energy Saving Certificates (EEC) are distributed directly by energy suppliers (Total, Leclerc, etc.). Under the authority of the State, they bring you benefits that can be financial (bonuses, vouchers, discount on invoices, etc.). You must have your windows installed by a professional. The amount depends on your choice of provider.

The zero-interest eco-loan

The zero-interest eco-loan (eco-PTZ) offered by your bank. You can borrow at zero rate from $ 7,000 for the change of your exterior joinery to $ 30,000, if you accompany your project with at least 2 other works. The loan must be repaid within a maximum period of 15 years.

Since January 1, 2022, if you are carrying out a global renovation, you can contract an eco-PTZ “Energy performance” for a maximum amount of $ 50,000. The repayment period of the loan can then reach 20 years.

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