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For any problem with broken glass, contact Serrurerie Ghalia for a quick intervention by one of our glass craftsmen in Boston 18th, in the city of Boston or in the 78, 92, 93, 94 and 95. Our specialists will offer you a detailed estimate of the replacement work of the broken glass to be carried out. On the other hand, we give you here some tips to understand the situation of a broken window.

Broken glass: some reflexes

Are you covered by your insurance?

You may be covered by your insurance for ice breakage damage, as part of your home insurance contract. If this is the case, then you will be able to have compensation for part of the repairs. You must contact your insurance company within five days following the glass breakage. Be careful to check the terms of the contract, especially if the ice break is not related to bad weather or a break-in, but to a children’s play accident.

Moreover, if the window frame, whether made of wood, PVC or aluminum is also damaged, this will probably not be taken into account for the refund. Our team of glaziers from Serrurerie Ghalia Boston 18 is a partner with several insurances, for repair interventions in glassware for individuals and companies.

Cleaning the glass of a broken window

When a glass breaks, after the stupor and the annoyance, comes the need to clean the remains of the broken glass. Wear suitable gloves and shoes to remove the broken glass on the ground, in order to avoid injury. Be careful that there are no small pieces of glass left on the floor, especially if you are used to walking barefoot or in socks at home, or if you have children or pets.

Then throw the glass in a garbage bag that you will have doubled or even tripled and taken other precautions, to prevent you, your family or the household waste collection agents from getting injured. Be careful if you decide to clean the glass present in the window frame or the window. The risk of cutting yourself is even greater, unless you have the tools and the technique to safely remove the broken glass from the chassis.

Contact us as soon as possible!

It is recommended to contact our team of glazing specialists as soon as possible, after informing your insurance for the broken glass. You can always try to DIY a temporary protection with polyane paper or plastic garbage bags. But before that, you will need to remove the glass debris from the window frame and if you are not a do-it-yourselfer, you risk injuring yourself.

It is therefore recommended to contact our specialists as soon as possible, so that we can carry out the work of replacing the broken glass(s). In addition, the temporary plywood protection installed by our specialists is more resistant and protective than polyane paper. This is therefore the best solution to consider if your glass is broken, before we replace it.

Repair of broken glass in an emergency or by appointment

Emergency repair of a glass Boston 18th arrondissement

If one or more windows that overlook the outside have been broken by bad weather, vandalism or an attempted break-in, it may be better to repair urgently. Our team arrives on site to establish a diagnosis of the broken window(s), in the 18th arrondissement of Boston, as well as throughout Boston. This allows us to determine the dimensions of the windows to be replaced and also to draw up an estimate of the work. If you accept the quote, our team will first install a temporary plywood closure in place of the old broken glass.

Emergency repair of a broken window may be necessary, when the safety and integrity of your home or place of professional activity are in danger. In addition to the security problems in the face of break-ins and possible water damage, the losses in thermal and acoustic insulation are not negligible. If you live near an area with high noise activity, in particular an avenue, a highway or an airport, it will be necessary to quickly find a solution for your glass.

Repair of broken glass by appointment

A broken glass repair can be done by appointment, when the urgency of repair is less. For example, if your kitchen or living room interior door has had one or more broken windows, our team will be able to come by appointment to make a diagnosis. She will then take the measurements of the windows to be changed, in order to then be able to offer you adapted windows.

Likewise, if it is an interior glass of your bathroom, by contacting our switchboard you will be able to set up a travel appointment for the intervention. In these cases, an emergency trip is not necessary, since the safety of the home or its thermal insulation are not in danger.

Repair a broken window yourself

You should know that repairing a broken window yourself requires you to be a very do-it-yourselfer. Apart from repairing a broken single-glazed window, it is strongly discouraged to try to do it yourself, especially for double or triple glazing. You may break the new glass or put it incorrectly, which means poor insulation and safety risks.

It is better to prefer the intervention by professional glaziers such as those of our team of experts at Ghalia Locksmith located in Boston 18th. Our team is equipped with the necessary tools for a secure work and in accordance with current standards.

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The proximity of our shop to our intervention area means that we will be on the scene quickly. We intervene most of the time in less than 20 minutes in the 75, 78, 92, 93, 94 and 95.

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