Double glazing window repair

  • Doustep 1: This first step is to clean the broken window. This means that it is necessary to carefully remove all the pieces of glass and the old putty.
  • Step 2: This second step is the installation of the new glass. You will need to prepare putty, and lay the double glazing panels, checking the tightness between the glass and the frame.

Replacement price of a broken double glazing

However, did you know that you can change a window without changing the frame?

Get the replacement price of a broken double glazing!

broken glass

The broken double glazing: a disturbing situation!

The windows remain fragile because they are made of glass.

They can break for various reasons: a balloon sent by the neighbor’s son, a window that slams loudly following a draft, a bird that misses its landing and bangs against the glass…

And a broken window is a rather disturbing situation!

Indeed, in addition to letting in cold air in winter, hot air in summer, rain, it constitutes a perfect entry point for all malicious intrusions.

It is therefore necessary to react quickly!

Replacement price of a broken double glazing per m2

The price of replacing a broken double glazing is on average $ 150/m2.

This price is actually more complex to define. It is based on different elements, which we will analyze below.

Example of the price of replacing a broken glass

In order to better understand how much a cased glass replacement would cost you, here is an example of an estimate made by a craftsman specialized in this field.

Here we are talking about the removal of a double glazing mounted on a PVC window, then the installation of a new double glazing including the installation of large tile moldings.

In detail, here are the items of expenses to be expected :

  • removal operation including the removal of the glazing and the retaining rods: 43 $ HT
  • supply of a double glazing: 170 $ HT
  • installation operation including the installation of the glazing and the retaining rods: 100 $ HT

In total, it will therefore be necessary to pay the sum of $ 313 excluding VAT.

The 5 parameters that affect the replacement price of a broken double glazing

We have identified 5 factors that influence the price of replacing a broken double glazing. Here they are :

1- Parameter 1: the choice of double glazing

This first parameter concerns the model of double glazing that you decide to install in your home.

There are several categories of double glazing, and each is charged at a different price ranging from 50 to 250 $ / m2.

Double glazing Explanation Price (€/m2)
traditional It is composed of two sheets of glass separated by a layer of air, and it provides better insulation both thermal and acoustic. 50 to 150€
Argon it comprises instead of the air layer an Argon layer between the two glass sheets. This gas is a very good insulator. 100 to 250€
Reinforced thermal insulation it comprises layers of metal oxides on one of the inner faces of the glazing, which makes it possible to slow down the sun’s rays and reduce heat losses in winter. 80 to 200€
Security this type of double glazing is gilded with an anti-refraction laminated glass. It is covered with an additional film to prevent the glass from breaking completely. 100 to 250€

Beyond the choice of model, it is also necessary to take into account the size of the glass concerned by the replacement.

2- Parameter 2: the size of the glass

This parameter seems rather obvious.

If your glass to be replaced is a kitchen window, its price will be cheaper than if you need to replace a large bay window.

Indeed, the price is also based on the surface of the glass to be changed.

Window format Example of price (frame + glazing)
100×100 480€
100×120 580€
100×150 650€

The following parameter is related to the price of a professional that you can request.

3- Parameter 3: the glazier’s rate

Replacing a glass can represent certain risks. You can decide to do it yourself, but also to choose a service provider.

The glazier is the specialist in glass. He installs and repairs verandas, windows, and even mirrors.

He is free to set his rates, there are no regulations on this subject.

Its price can therefore be variable.

It depends, for example, on the desired intervention time: if you need an emergency repair, in the evening, at night, during the weekend or during a public holiday, the billing will be higher.

In addition, an element to be taken into account is also the displacement of the professional. If it has to travel 50kms, it will be necessary to add a payment to the global billing.

Billing Price (€)
hourly price between 45 to 50 €/hour
travel expenses between 35 to 50€

The next parameter that we are going to study is the replacement technique.

4- Parameter 4: The technique used to replace a double-glazed window

To repair a broken glass, it is usually necessary to proceed as follows :

change glazing without changing window

  • Doustep 1: This first step is to clean the broken window. This means that it is necessary to carefully remove all the pieces of glass and the old putty.
  • Step 2: This second step is the installation of the new glass. You will need to prepare putty, and lay the double glazing panels, checking the tightness between the glass and the frame.

Quite often, it is not necessary to change the window frame. This frame which can be made of wood, PVC, aluminum … can be reused to rest the glass!

Situation price of supply of glazing installation price
In case of replacement of the glazing only : 60 and 250 $ / m2 45 to 50 $ per hour
In case of complete replacement of the window : 100 to 900 € 100 to 500 €

However, if you choose to change both the glass and the frame, the price will obviously be higher!

5- Parameter 5: The geographical area

This fifth parameter concerns the location of the repair. Having a window repaired in Boston or in a rural area is not charged in the same way. This is easily justified by the difference in the cost of living specific to each region.

Find a company to replace a glass

In case of glass breakage, we recommend that you turn to a professional and not undertake the repair yourself. The quality of the repair will be better, and the service provider will have more suitable equipment to deal with the dangers associated with handling glass. In addition, an installation carried out by a professional “RGE” will open you the rights to aid (intermediate VAT) which will lower the cost of the operation.

Before committing to a glazier, it is preferable to make several estimates. This will allow you to compare the methods and the associated costs.

If you are looking for a glazier to provide you with concrete solutions in the event of broken double glazing, we are able to put you in touch with professionals who will put at your disposal all their expertise and know-how.


In the case of a replacement of broken double glazing, it is unfortunately not conceivable to benefit from assistance.

Indeed, only the replacements of simple glazing can be targeted by aid when this replacement aims to install a double glazing in order to improve the thermal performance of the housing.

On the other hand, as part of the renovation, by going through your craftsman, you will be able to benefit from an intermediate VAT at the rate of 10% instead of the usual 20%.


But it is possible to turn to your insurer in order to take over the repair of a broken glazing. Indeed, home insurance companies have an ice breakage cover.

Thus, when a window or a bay, or even a glass door, suffers a loss, it is possible to make the insurance work in order to limit the repair expense. As a rule, the claims taken care of are related to domestic accidents, bad weather and, of course, intrusion attempts.

Depending on the contract signed with the insurer, the coverage will then be higher or lower and a possible deductible may remain at the expense of the insured.

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