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As part of our “Window Price Guide”, we wanted to send you as much information as possible that can allow you to more easily calculate the price of your future windows. By doing this, we hope that you will be able to judge with a more critical eye the prices applied by companies specializing in the manufacture and installation of windows.

Within this article, it is on the sums to be paid to repair your windows and sashes that we will focus. When you have finished reading this article, you should be able to better estimate the price of a sash or window repair.

What are the rates applied to the repair of frames and windows?

Generally, it will be more financially advantageous to repair your windows or sashes rather than replace them. In particular, you must carry out repairs when you encounter broken windows, hinge problems or degraded sashes.

To begin with, we will consider the price of repairing the window sash or sash.

Repair price of the window sash

What is the sash? This is the window itself, that is, the moving part of it. It is not uncommon for it to be damaged. Depending on the extent of the intervention required, it will be necessary or not to perform a removal of the window.

As for the price of this repair, it will usually cost you between € 80 and € 200 when the problem is the window sash. This price will change depending on the type of renovation necessary, especially depending on whether a deposit is required or not.

Replacement price of the window frame

What is the dormant? This is the window frame. It can also be degraded. It will then be necessary to submit it to a repair. Here too, your budget for this one will fluctuate depending on whether the dormer must be removed (deposited in the language of the building) or not. You will have to pay for the repair, on average, 150€. Otherwise, we usually advise you to replace the window in question outright: it will cost you less.

Repair prices for hinges, hinges and window locks

Because of the frequent opening and closing of your windows, the mechanisms of these will wear out and, eventually, may no longer work as well. For example, you might face sashes that no longer open completely or squeaks. A lock can also jam. Most often, a single lubrication will be sufficient so that the hinges return to normal operation.

For these small repairs, which are more in the field of maintenance by the way, the amount to be paid is generally between 20 and 30 €.

However, these elements are sometimes too degraded. Therefore, they require replacement. The price of hinges or locks will evolve according to different factors such as their materials, their materials or, above all, their brands. Indeed, to acquire this kind of parts, you will have to pay € 3 for the least reputable brands, but up to € 100 for the most recognized brands. Obviously, we should not expect parts of the same quality. In our opinion, it is better to make a considerable investment once for a quality product.

If you call on a carpenter to repair your hinges and locks, it will cost you an average of € 50.

Price of replacing a window pane

As for the repair of the glazing of your windows, the cost will evolve according to the type of it. See below the different applicable rates :

– Single glazing: from 60 to 80€ / m2. – Ordinary double glazing: from 80 to 140€/m2. – Double glazing with strong acoustic insulation: from 130 to 180€ / m2. – Burglar-proof double glazing: from 160 to 200€/m2. – Triple glazing: from 200 to 250€ / m2.

To conclude, we share with you some tips on how to best choose your repairer. The first thing to do is to have several quotes drawn up and compared, coming from competing companies. Beyond the price, it is also necessary to compare the different solutions proposed by the craftsmen. In addition, calling on a professional who is close to you is also important. This will save you considerable travel costs. In our opinion, we advise you not to make your choice solely based on the price. If you know how to do it, try to give as much importance to the quality of the work. That is why we recommend that you entrust your window and sash repairs to a reliable and competent professional.

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