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Window lifter: operation, breakdowns and price

The window lifter is the device that allows you to open and close the windows of your car. It can be manual or electric. In this second case, the window regulator then consists of a cable or scissor mechanism, as well as an electric motor. A control button allows you to lower or raise the window.

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window lifter operation

The window regulator is the system that allows, as its name suggests, to lower or raise a car window. Without it, it would be impossible to open the windows to ventilate the vehicle. There are two types of window lifters :

  • The manual window lifter ;
  • The electric window regulator .

The manual window regulator is a lever located on the door, under the glass. You have to turn it to go up or down the window. However, this crank has begun to disappear: today, we mainly find electric window lifters. However, the manual window regulator still equips entry-level models, especially at the back of the car.

The electric window lifter works thanks to a button that must be pressed to lower the window, or that must be pulled to raise it. It appeared as early as the 1940s but only spread from the gradual disappearance of the manual window regulator, between the years 1980 to 2000.

The control of the electric window lifter can be sequential: in this case, a single press on the button makes it possible to raise or lower the window. On the conventional control system, on the other hand, it is necessary to keep your finger on the button to completely raise or lower the window.

An electric window lifter can work in two ways: by cable or by scissors. When it comes to a cable window lifter, it works thanks to a pulley to which a cable is hooked. When you press the window lifter button, you activate the cable, which then acts on the position of the window.

An electric window lifter by scissors works thanks to two crossed metal parts that remind the blades of a pair of scissors. When they are closed, they form an X; when the window is down, they are almost horizontal. The mechanism of the window regulator therefore works in a similar way to scissors.

In both cases, the electric window lifter has a motor and the window slides thanks to guide rails.

⚡ How do I know if the window regulator is HS?

symptoms of HS window lifter

It happens that your window regulator breaks down. This is usually a wear of its components, but the malfunction of the electric window regulator can be caused by a false ignition, a gear problem or a damaged cable.

A window regulator failure is easy to detect. It results in the following symptoms :

  • Your window regulator is making unusual noises ;
  • The window lifter is running at idle ;
  • The command no longer responds at all ;
  • The glass rises but does not go back up ;
  • The windows do not open completely.

If the windows do not come down completely, it may be a failure of the electric motor or a gear problem. If the glass goes down but it does not go up, it is more generally a connection, an electrical harness or a fuse.

Abnormal noises from the mechanism indicate a seizure of the window regulator system or a cable break. Finally, if the control stops responding, the button itself may malfunction or be disconnected, but it may also be a power supply or electric motor problem.

In the case of a HS window lifter, it will be necessary to disassemble to examine the engine and the device in order to verify the operating state of these various elements. All the change of the window regulator system is not necessarily necessary: it is necessary to start by determining the origin of the failure.

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change window lifter

In the event of a breakdown of your window regulator, do not wait to change it: you will not be able to ventilate your vehicle and leave it exposed to bad weather or theft. Changing a window regulator requires disassembling the trim and the door handle. It is then necessary to replace the elements that no longer work: mechanism, motor, electrical wires, etc.

Necessary equipment :

Step 1: Remove the door trim [ ancre anchor “step1”]

door trim

To change your window regulator, you must disassemble the door trim. In most cases, you will also have to remove the speaker that is located in the door, as well as the mirror cover and the outline of the door handle. Consult your automobile technical review (RTA) to check which elements to file according to your vehicle model.

Step 2: Disassemble the window regulator [ ⚓ anchor “step2”]

disassemble window lifter

With a drill, drill the rivets thanks to which the window regulator rails are held in place on the inner side of the door. Disconnect the wires located under the motor and the power lug. Remove the door glass after detaching it from its supports – be careful not to break it! Then you can disassemble the window regulator. Take care this time of the electrical wires.

Step 3: Mount the new window regulator [ ⚓ anchor “step3”]

window lifter motor

Once you have disassembled the window regulator, replace the elements that no longer work: motor or mechanism. Replace the cables in the correct direction and use a rivet pliers to install the rails and the motor. Finally, reassemble the other elements by proceeding in the opposite direction of disassembly. Once you are done, check that your new window regulator is working properly.

💶 What is the price of a window regulator?

Window lifter price

The price of a window regulator varies depending on its type (electric with cable or by scissors / manual). The price of an electric window lifter mechanism can range from 60 to 130 € approximately. It will be necessary to add to this the labor rate: count a price for changing an electric window regulator ranging from 70 to 200 €.

It is sometimes possible to repair the window regulator without changing it completely. Count from € 80 for an electric window regulator.

That’s it, you now know everything about the car window regulator! As you already know, it is an important accessory of your vehicle, since without it you can neither open nor close the windows. In case of malfunction, do not hesitate to go through our garage comparator to have it changed at the best price!

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