Cost of repairing a window

Cost of renovating a window or replacing it

Are your windows worn out or damaged? In this case, it may be useful to find out about the price of renovating a window. Refurbishing or replacing a window can be expensive. Therefore, it is imperative to know the cost of replacing a window, so as to budget for this type of work in the best conditions. Let’s see together how much it costs to refurbish a window by a professional.

How to renovate a window?

Are your windows damaged or old? Would you like to have them renovated by a specialist? In this case, it seems important to inform yourself about the different ways to renovate a window jamb.

For the refurbishment of a window, there are two main solutions :

  • The renovation of a window: will consist of refurbishing the amount of your window, in particular through painting works or the application of a new window putty. It can be advisable on a slightly aged wooden window.
  • The change of windows: will simply consist of changing the window jamb. It is advisable on an old PVC window, or on a single-glazed wooden window, which it is advisable to replace with a more insulating upright and glazing.

You should know that the price of renovating a window can directly depend on the solution envisaged, as we will see together.

The price of renovating a window

The budget for refurbishing a window can go from the very beginning to the very end, depending on the model of windows and your preferences. We have put together some estimates for you to know :

Cost of renovating a wooden window

If you want to have windows renovated without replacing them, the renovation budget may remain limited. On average, a carpenter will charge between 100 and 200 euros for the refurbishment of a window.(Compare the rates of specialists in your region for free for the rehabilitation of your windows!)

This budget may include :

  • Sanding the window,
  • Painting the window,
  • The refurbishment of the handles,
  • The refurbishment of the putty.

However, this price does not include the change of windows or the repair of a broken amount. If your window is in very poor condition, it is advisable to replace it.

Price of replacing a window

The best way to renovate a window is simply to replace it! Changing your windows allows you to opt for better insulated models, and therefore to save energy in the long term.

On the budget side, it is necessary to provide between 100 and 300 euros excluding supplies to replace a window. This budget includes the removal of the old window and the installation of the new window.

To this price, you must naturally add the price of the new window, which will essentially depend on the model you are interested in :

Window model Cost of purchasing the window (excluding installation)
Wooden window Between 200 and 500 euros
custom PVC window door Between 200 and 300 euros
Aluminum window Between 400 and 900 euros

So in the end you can get by with between 300 and 1200 euros per window, installation and supply included.

The price of replacing a window

More and more windows cannot be repaired. Likewise, it is sometimes more interesting to replace a window rather than repair it (especially if your window is very old).

Therefore, it is useful to find out about the price of replacing a window after a window breaks. On average, the price of replacing a window is between 200 and 1500 €, including installation.

This budget depends in particular on the type of opening, as well as the material of the window. The table below shows you a comparison of prices for replacing windows individually :

Type of opening Window material Replacement price of a window (including installation)
Pelting PVC 200 to 500 €
Wood 300 to 850 €
Aluminum 500 to 1000 €
Wood and aluminum 600 to 1300 €
Swinging oscillo PVC 300 to 600 €
Wood 300 to 900 €
Aluminum 600 to 1100 €
Wood and aluminum 700 to 1500 €

Note that the cost of installing a window in renovation is higher than the price of installing a new window. And for good reason, the work includes the removal of the old window.

The price of double glazing per m2

The renovation of a window is an opportunity to replace a single glazing with double glazing. For work to improve the energy performance of a house, this operation may allow you to benefit from financial assistance.

The price range of a double glazing is between 150 € and 250 € per m2. Generally speaking, the cost of double glazing per m2 depends on the model you are interested in :

  • The price of a standard double glazing is between 150 € and 200 € per m2,
  • A burglar-proof double glazing will cost between 200 and 250 € per m2,
  • Plan from € 250 per m2 for a reinforced insulated double glazing (VIR).

A craftsman will propose in addition a price between € 50 and € 200 per window, for the replacement of a single glazing in double glazing.

Financial aid for the renovation of a window

If you decide to install a double-glazed window during renovation work, you can benefit from state financial subsidies.

Here are the main aids that it is possible to receive when repairing a window :

  • The energy transition tax credit (CITE) for windows is set at 15% (maximum amount of € 100 per window) until December 31, 2019.
  • The reduced VAT rate (5.5%) is applicable for the purchase of an insulating window made of wood, aluminum or PVC.
  • The energy premium represents between 10% and 20% of the total amount of the work.
  • ANAH’s aid makes it possible to cover between 40% and 60% of expenses (with a ceiling amount between 8?600 € to 12?000 €). But, to benefit from it, it is essential to respect the resource ceilings.

Always remember to find out about the available aids before starting work, as they must be requested before starting the construction site.

What does the budget for renovating your windows depend on?

You should know that the cost of renovating your windows can depend on many different criteria. Thus, a carpenter will calculate his budget according to different very specific points :

  • The number of windows to be renovated or replaced,
  • The window model,
  • The dimensions of the window,
  • The condition of the windows to be renovated,
  • The difficulty of the work.

If you want to know the exact replacement price of a window, the best thing to do is to contact a window installer or renovator directly.

If you wish, our site can send you the rates of several carpenters in your city for free.(Access our free quote request form by clicking here!) This is still the best way to budget for the renovation of a window jamb!

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