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Double glazing repair: Total or partial?

A double glazing unit is an element composed of two glass surfaces, which are separated by a layer of air or gas.

The purpose of double glazing is to improve the insulation (cold, heat, noise), thanks to this layer of air or gas, which is much more insulating than the glass itself.

The double glazing is therefore composed of two panes of glass that can break or crack independently, depending on the side where the shock is received.

Since the price of a double glazing is higher than that of a single pane, it is therefore natural to prefer to change only one side and therefore only one single pane. But is it really possible?

It is theoretically possible to replace only one pane of double glazing, but the problem is that the performance will be greatly reduced.

By changing only one glass, the gas contained between the walls will escape to keep only air, which will reduce the ability to insulate.

It is important to insert this gas using special machines that will guarantee perfect insulation, and this work, so that it is well done, can only take place in the workshop.

The other problem is that the double glazing is assembled using a paste that will melt on the edge of the glasses in order to maintain the gap and prevent the air from circulating.

This paste, once cooled, will become integral with the glass, and it will be very difficult to detach it to properly remove the glass.

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When should you repair your double glazing?

If the double-glazed window loses its tightness, it’s time to upgrade it and repair the glass.

Tightness is a key property of double-glazed windows; without it, construction does not make sense.

Voltage loss is not always visible to the naked eye, but the presence of a fault can be identified by the following characteristics :

  • The temperature in the room decreases;
  • The glass suddenly starts to fog up ;
  • In the cold season, the windows freeze;
  • Increased noise coming from the outside.

With a thorough inspection of the double-glazed window, it is already possible to see the problem: an error during installation, a crack or an initial poor quality of the materials.

In addition to these serious problems, minor repairs may be required. Unlocked pin or locked handle – any problem can be solved by selecting the right tools.

Double glazing repair: How do we proceed?

Double-glazed bay window: The stages of repair

  • Slide a small putty knife between the window jamb and the stop that extends vertically outside the window.
  • Press the knife to loosen and remove the pull stop from the wall. Repeat the procedure for the stop on the other side of the glass.
  • Lift the lower sash and lift the sash stops at the lower corners of the window with the back of a hammer.
  • Tilt the lower frame towards the inside of the house and pull up to remove it from the opening. Repeat the process for the top frame.
  • Measure the size of your window opening so that the appropriate size can be ordered for your installation.
  • Record the measurement of height and width. Lay a string of silicone sealant all around the bay window.
  • Place the new double-glazed window in the opening from the inside of the house. Press firmly so that it adheres to the sealant.
  • Attach a horizontal level along the windowsill to make sure that the window is square and plumb. Insert wedges between the window frame and the jamb to level the window.
  • Drive 5 cm screws through the side of the window jamb and into the frame.
  • Space the screws every 15 cm on each side of the window to secure it in place.
  • Run a silicone caulking cord around the outside of the house between the frame and the bracket to seal the gaps.
  • Cut off the protruding pieces with a knife.

Repair of external double-glazed windows: How to do it?

  • Measure the size of the current window. Measure the width and height of the inside of the window from the header to the top of the frame.
  • Remove the old window from the wall. Look and see how the window was originally installed to find out what tools you will need to put it back. An older window can be installed with screws or nails that may need to be removed with a drill or cut with a reciprocating saw.
  • Pull the old window out of the opening by grabbing the bottom near the ledge and sliding the window outward. Be sure to clean all debris, such as nails and paint chips, around the window opening.
  • Place the new double-glazed window repaired by a professional in the opening and attach it to the frame. A new replacement window will need two or three screws to fix the window on each side, depending on its size. Use a screwdriver or a drill bit to attach the screws to the frame.

You can fix the broken glass with a sealant. This is a temporary measure that will allow you not to freeze in anticipation of convenience stores.

For repairs, you can use a transparent sealant or optical glue, of course also transparent. You will then be able to cover the cracks and cover the damaged area, preventing the cracks from spreading.

It is necessary to apply the putty at least twice. Wait for the putty to dry.

We clarify once again that this is only a temporary tool that will prevent the glass from cracking further, but in no case will it extend its service life for a long time.

On the other hand, all plastic windows have a pressure device. It is a rubber that can fail due to a gradual loss of elasticity or shrinkage.

To solve this problem, including that of the window seals, the fastening tension adjustment system is provided.

To adjust the mechanism on the windows, there are special mechanisms – pins. They are usually mounted three or four per window. You can turn them using a hexagonal or flat screwdriver.

Seal all visible gaps between the window and the wall. Apply a caulking bead around the edge of the window on the inside as well as on the outside to prevent leaks.

How to successfully complete the repair of double-glazed doors

It is recommended to start removing the decorations from the sides. The blade or spatula is gently inserted between the frame and the cord, then slightly driven into the depth using a hammer.

With a little effort, we lower the heel and remove it from the seat. After, repeat the operation with the bottom and finally the top.

When disconnecting, support the glass unit with your hand, then shake it slightly.

The design can now be removed, first wearing gloves. So that this action does not interfere with the second person, because the glass can be quite heavy.

Can we repair only one side of a double glazing unit?

When one side of the double glazing is damaged, it is enough to change your double glazing with a new one.

To repair or replace a double glazing, it is reasonable to start by taking all the measurements of the part to be removed.

Now you can proceed with the reinstallation. Most often, the double-glazed window is fixed in the frame with beads.

Before starting work, you need to mark each of them with a number in order to easily determine their position later (incorrect installation of the glass bead leads to noticeable deviations).

A completely new glass unit is not always necessary. If only the glass is damaged, excessive expenses can be avoided by taking the trouble to replace a double-glazed window.

The inner part of the glazing is an aluminum frame. From the inside, their cavities are filled with silica gel.

The glass overlaps the frame and is held in place with butyl tape.

First of all, remove the glass. Now you need to free the damaged glass.

The glass is separated from the frame in which the putty remains. It must be cleaned and degreased with a solvent.

Cutting glass requires extreme precision, so first you need to measure the old dimensions several times. An error of size greater than one millimeter is already considered invalid.

Cut the cut glass with a cloth. Apply another layer of putty to the glass frame with a spray gun. Then install your new glass.

Asking for a friend’s help will be really useful to complete the task safely.

The glass must be applied exactly at once, as it quickly adheres to the frame. There will be no second attempt. As soon as the glass block is dry, it can be put back in place.

And now when should you replace your double glazing?

Your double glazing is broken

Well, you already have the answer, if you have a broken glazing, it requires a double glazing change to avoid energy losses in the house.

Price replacement broken double glazing

It depends on the size, location and finish of the double glazing.

To get an idea about the prices for changing double glazing, fill out our online form or call one of our expert advisors in double glazing repair and replacement.

In the end, replacing a double glazing is not so expensive compared to the work that requires changing only one side. And the important difference in performance means that a professional glazier will never offer you to replace only one side. He will always prefer a clean and neat work in the workshop, rather than a “DIY” on site in order to repair your double glazing. For more information from our Paris glazier, you can call 01 43 41 55 66.

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