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Plastic windows reliably protect our houses from cold and street noise. But what if they suddenly began to freeze and blow through, began to sag, stopped closing normally? There is no way to do without diagnostics and repair. That’s just where to order the repair of plastic windows in Boston? Who to contact to get not only professional services at affordable prices, but also quality service, as well as a guarantee for the work performed?

Window Repair Services

The reasons for the breakdown of plastic windows are different: for example, in some cases, the windows were originally made of poor quality, in others, their installation was unprofessional, in the third, the cause of the breakdown was improper handling of the windows during operation. And depending on such reasons, you may either need to repair plastic windows in Boston, or adjust plastic windows in Boston. But what to choose?

You may need to adjust windows if you encounter one of these problems:

  • worn-out elements of window fittings;
  • the window has ceased to open and close normally in the “up and down” position;
  • the window has ceased to open and close normally in the “right-left” position;
  • the sash of the window began to loosely cling to the frame.

But choose the repair of plastic windows if your problem is of the following nature:

  • the window handle or opening limiter is broken;
  • the window handle is jammed, the sash does not open;
  • the window handle turns with difficulty and not completely;
  • the window blows or freezes through;
  • the window sash opens simultaneously in both tilt and turn mode;
  • the window profile is bent;
  • cracked or broken glass.

Of course, when plastic windows fail, there is a great temptation to leave everything as it is, or to adjust or repair plastic windows in Boston on your own. However, what can this lead to? Unfortunately, only to sad consequences: in the first case, you will not solve the problem, and over time your windows will become completely unusable, and in the second, without special skills and knowledge, you only risk damaging the windows even more.

As a result, you will have to completely replace the windows with new ones, which will take a lot of time and will be very expensive. Therefore, it is better not to waste time and money, but immediately contact our company for the repair and adjustment of plastic windows and doors and get the whole range of necessary services at an affordable price. What exactly do we offer?

The range of our services covers the solution of a variety of problems with plastic windows and doors:

  • repair and adjustment of window and door fittings;
  • repair and replacement of double-glazed windows of various types;
  • installation of mosquito nets;
  • cleaning and lubricating the seal;
  • replacement of sealing rubber;
  • closer adjustment;
  • sealing windows and doors;
  • dismantling of windows and doors;
  • and much more.

So if your plastic windows are broken or require adjustment, do not put off solving the problem indefinitely: call our contact numbers right now or fill out a convenient online application and invite our master for free to diagnose and perform the necessary measurements.

Window Repair Services
  • Window Balances
  • Window Shoes
  • Window Pins
  • Double Pane Window Glass
  • Window Crank Arms
Here are some common mistakes that can occur during window repair:

Window repair

  • Choosing the wrong materials: Using the wrong materials can result in the window looking disproportionate or not being strong enough to support the glass.

  • Wrong size of glass: If the wrong size of glass is selected, it may not be strong enough to withstand external forces.

  • Poor installation: If the window is installed incorrectly, it may not close properly and let in cold air or moisture.

  • Incorrect use of tools: Using the wrong tools can damage the window and make it unusable.

  • Failure to follow safety instructions: Working with windows can be dangerous if safety rules are not followed, such as wearing protective goggles and gloves.

  • Lack of insulation: If the window is not properly insulated, it may let in cold air, which can lead to heat loss and increased electricity bills.

  • Lack of regular maintenance: Windows need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to continue working properly and have a long service life.

These are just some of the common mistakes that can occur during window repair. To avoid these mistakes, it’s important to carefully plan the repair process and seek professional help if you need it.

“Repairin’ windows is all about fixin’ ’em up so they work right and look good again. The important things to keep in mind when ya wanna fix yer windows are:

  1. Check the window out: Ya gotta start by takin’ a good look at the window and seein’ what parts need fixin’ or replacin’.

  2. Pick yer materials: There are all kinds of materials ya can use to repair windows, like glass, plastic, aluminum, wood, and more. Ya gotta choose the ones that’ll be strong, energy-efficient, look good, and match the original design of the window.

  3. Swap the glass out: If the glass is cracked or broke, ya gotta replace it. Pick the right thickness and type of glass, and make sure it fits right in the window frame.

  4. Change the weatherstripping: Weatherstripping keeps cold air and moisture from gettin’ in the room. If it’s old or worn out, ya gotta change it.

  5. Fix the window frame: If the frame is damaged, ya can fix it by replacin’ the damaged parts, like the wooden parts or paintin’ the frame.

  6. Switch out the hardware: The hardware is all the stuff that helps ya open and close the window. If it’s not workin’ right or is too old, ya gotta replace it.

  7. Insulate it: A good insulatin’ job can save ya a lot on heatin’ costs. As part of fixin’ yer windows, ya can install extra weatherstrippin’ and sealin’.

  8. Install it right: Makin’ sure the window is installed right in the frame is a big part of repairin’ windows. If it’s not done right, the window might not close properly or even fall out of the frame.

These are just some of the important things to keep in mind when fixin’ yer windows. It’ll help keep ’em in good shape and last longer.”

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